TFS Apni rasoi gtb nagar Apni rasoi gtb nagar contact no | Apni rasoi thali price

Apni rasoi gtb nagar contact no | Apni rasoi thali price

Apni rasoi gtb nagar contact no | Apni rasoi thali price

Hello friends how are you guys I hope you will be very good.

 So today I have brought for you my kitchen which is located in GTB Nagar, Delhi. And today it has become a very famous restaurant, its service is very good, today I am telling you about it because at one time this restaurant started with a very small branch but today it has become such a big restaurant. That about which even big websites publish contact about it and today they also have orders. And if I talk about its rating, then its rating is also very good. And people like to come here very much. So just to move forward, I have a request to know something from you that you should share this post as many people as possible. And also comment on this post of ours and tell which other post you want.

 Features of your kitchen

 These restaurants have given the best that whatever food is provided to you here. It is presented very well and you will be happy to see it absolutely and the very good thing here is that where the customer service is very good so that the customers are very happy and here I love to come and whatever food you order here you get value for money because the service is so great that when you order food you will be satisfied with it and you will be very happy That’s why its rating is quite good.

 your kitchen address

 You will have to address it = Mall Road Kingsway Camp Hakikat Nagar Delhi University GTB Nagar New Delhi No

 and his phone number = +91-11-27605777

 I have given your address and phone number. So that you can go there and see it, either you can do it any


 When you go to this restaurant, first of all the menu is provided to you here. As you can easily order here according to your taste and what you like and you all know that every hotel has their own personal menu card which is provided to the customer there because They have a lot of patience in sucking it to the border of their dish and their rates are also written in front of them so that they do not ask the rate again and again.

 Customer Reviews

 Now we are going to tell you about the customer care review because where every customer who comes has a different impression on their heart so that they write their review about them on the online website and tell their experience and if true. Tell me, I will also say that you have come here because I myself have come here many times and it is really a very good restaurant, here service is provided to you very well.

 Review No. one

 Here is Neha ji who has written her review and told her experience. When she came here for the first time, she saw some such situation here, she was absolutely stunned and by the way, there have been many starts in Zee TV Nagar. Hai but her favorite is her own kitchen because she goes there for lunch and dinner with her friends and she has done this many times and she loves going there. Jolie Haji, she now further explains that the bridge there is more satisfied than that and the flowers there are also very delicious and you get them there at a low price, if you speak more directly then it is very affordable. Is. And the best thing is that your kitchen also provides home delivery, so it is considered very good to be very good, because Neha ji herself has taken home and told in a good way that I have given you this good method has been clarified.

 Review No . Two

 Now where Deepak ji tells you that at one time he was very hungry and when he reached near GTB Nagar metro station, he saw his kitchen where he had ordered mushroom paneer and lachha paratha and there he Had ordered mix raita. After eating which he tells that it is very amazing and very tasty and when he came for the second time he came with his friends and he relaunched there for the second time. Then he further explains that the quality of this restaurant, whatever service is provided here, is very good and the rates written on the card that I have here are absolutely great so that you can comfortably You can go there and eat.  Apni rasoi gtb nagar contact no | Apni rasoi thali price.

Other friends, as you know, I have provided you the phone number of this restaurant in it so that you can pick it up directly.


 Just now we are on its last step in which we will tell you what we saw and what we teach in this whole post, we also read this in this entire post and understood that Juhi is her own restaurant named Apni Rasoi which is located in gtb nagar It is from Delhi, for which I have given your full address. And people have given its rating here very well and here they have given its review very well, because of this restaurant, this is a very famous restaurant, many people come there and eat its food. like it very much. You can also come here with your family, you can enjoy a lot, you can come with your friends and you can also come here to have a small party. So I have told you in a very good way about this rest. If you want to ask anything else, then you can come directly to my page on Instagram, you can follow me there, just in the end I will tell you that you must tell us and on which topics we brought your posts and Make you happy because it is our wish that our visitor who comes to read our post gets fully satisfied. So it is our endeavor that you always come to our post and comment and share it to as many people as possible. Apni rasoi gtb nagar contact no | Apni rasoi thali price.

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