TFS Big yellow door gtb nagar, menu , gtb nagar contact no Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no

Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no

Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no +(91) – 11-45053645

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 We are going to tell you today about the Big Yellow Door which is located in GTB Nagar, Delhi.  This restaurant is very good, its interior design is very good, wherever the customers come, they become very happy and eat their favorite things, here you will get very cheap because of your budget.  You will get to eat a lot and you can enjoy coming here with your family.

  A few things about the Big Yellow Door

  Today we are going to tell you about Big Yellow Door which is located in Delhi and it is in the North Campus of Delhi, there is an offbeat and if you like eating joint very much then you can come here.  You can eat your favorite fast food.  And this restaurant is very nice to see from outside also they have scored very good score and from inside its design is very beautiful and when you come here you will get to hear good songs in low voice here.  will meet.

  If you are going out in search of eating joint, then Big Yellow Door is the best for you The doors here are bright colored and which look yellow and here they have now got very good and different variety  Trees have been planted which are for decorative and look very beautiful and if we talk about its interior design then its interior design is very good if you have a good cafe in Hauz Khas  It reminds me that it is very good inside.

  The Beauty of the Big Yellow Door

  In this how, there are many beautiful and beautiful raw seals which are very old and here the bulbs have been kept very nice which looks very nice to see and the bulk which are here, they have kept them in the bottles of wine and  They have installed ferry lights here, they have installed neon lights here and they have also arranged books here, its interior design is very beautiful, this restaurant where you will get to see paper lamps and where many  You will get to see better charcoal lyrics, they have done very good art on the wall.

  And here you will get to see a lot of material, even if you are fond of photography, this Big Yellow Door is the best for you, in this resto you can comfortably enjoy with your family, here you can take your photo.  And can share with your friends and the beauty of it is very good.  I believe that if you go here then you will not be disappointed at all because it is very good and the food and drink rates here are not too high-fi.

  Big Yellow Door Recipes

  If you are fond of food then you must come here and now we tell you how you will get things to eat here, okay so let’s start because here you will find many different types of dishes to eat.  Which you will get here in a menu which is listed completely and you can see them comfortably because their rates are also written in front of them which will not give you any problem at all and you can comfortably  Where you can enjoy them by ordering, the best thing is that whatever things are provided here for you to eat, you will surely like them in the menu because they are made in a very hygienic way.

  Big Yellow Door Recipes

 1. First of all, where you will get to eat creamy passe tha which is very tasty and also very good to eat

 2. Our most favorite at number two is Pizza Dhoti where you will get it at good prices which are just very tasty to eat.

 3. On this number you will find here the signature BYD Burger, which according to its name is also very wonderful to eat.

  Here, if you have to choose all of these, then you choose them under raps and shakes, which is a series here.

  So let us now tell you more about Wizlot and its specialty and where all the things happen because believe me if you come here then your time will not be wasted at all and where you come with your family is good.  You can enjoy the way.

  Features of Big Yellow Door

  Here you will get many facilities along with the food, such as if you take the dishes, you are served delicious food here very well and there is no taste here and you will be craving to get such a taste. 

I am telling right that the taste of food is very good in Literally where you will find very nice baskets with snacks and chips in which you will be served snacks.  And these snacks are very good to eat.  Here, if you are fond of chocolate or sweets, then here you will also get to eat chocolate pastries, here you will get to eat sweets like shake and come here and satisfy your hunger. Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no.

  Big Yellow Door Chicken

  If you are non-vegetarian, then you can come here and eat non-veg comfortably, here you also get burger comfortably, in which if you are fond of non-veg, then you can enjoy burger by putting non-veg.  And if I tell you right, if you eat chicken burger in Big Yellow Door, then this is the most important thing where it is considered.

  If you want to BLO Dorana, then first of all you have to go to Delhi’s GTB Nazar and after coming to G T B Nagar, you can easily go here by e-rickshaw and easily find its way from Google Map.  Be.

  And here you will also get to eat ice cream which is different flavors of ice cream here and their selfishness is very good which you will never forget and there are many good prices of kiffi here.  Things will be found and the atmosphere here is very pleasant.  If you want to enjoy the food of Big Yellow Door, then you must come here because you will get very good service here and if you are a joint from North Campus then you would have come close to the college which is Satya Niketan.  From there you are its outlet, if you are near Satya Niketan, then you have its outlet there, you can come and eat from there.

big yellow door for student

  This restaurant is best for students, if you have to hang out here then this play is the best and the best thing is it falls near DU, most difficult it will be one to one and a half kilometer.  By rickshaw you can go till Big Yellow Door and enjoy here if your pocket friendly and you really like to eat a little bit and by the way everyone in Delhi likes to eat. Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no.

  So Big Yellow Door is the best place for you for the best food and the atmosphere here is very comfortable here you will get amazing food and here you can do anything chit chat with your friends  If you have come to where you have come, then this place is very good, here you will also get to eat, you will get pizza and cheese fry will also be available which everyone likes.

  So come and read about Big Yellow Door

  If everyone speaks only good and good, then it will not be enough.  I don’t have any other intention to know about you a little here, that I have no intention to negative against you here, but it will not be enough.  There is some shortcoming which I am going to tell you and I am telling you for the purpose that I have no other intention to know about you a little here that I have no intention of making you negative against here.

  I am telling you the recording of only one knowledge, I am telling you the recording of only one knowledge.  There is only one drawback here that during peak hours, you will have to stand in the queue here and you may have to wait for a while, so here I am, the only drawback here is that you will have to wait a bit here.

  So let’s know more about the Big Yellow Door

  If where you are coming then this place is going to touch your heart which is very close to the Hudson line and it is a very beautiful place and where you just have to wait a bit for the vacant seat.  The rest of this place is not very much battery, here when you will get the feel to eat and fast then you will get cold drinks, if you order here, your service is given here fast fast, the food here would have been very wonderful.  Is.  If I say about myself, personally I like this restaurant very much. Big yellow door gtb nagar , menu , gtb nagar contact no.

  big yellow door atmosphere

  The ambiance of this restaurant is very nice, the theme here which is very well made drawing on the walls is very attractive to look at and the service here is very good and you will enjoy the food. 

If you order, you get it on time and if I tell you right here, overall it is a lot of fun, then you must also come with your family and there will not be much load on your pocket at all.

  big yellow door design

  This restaurant which has 2 doors, it is yellow in color which looks very nice, here you will get the real price and you must come here, here you will get to eat sandwiches, there you will find many  If you like strawberries, then you can eat strawberries here.

  And here if you are fond of tea, then it is important for you because the tea here is very good, this is my own experience, so I am telling you so add da and just I will tell you this, I have given you so many  Tell things tell things to you about Big Yellow Door This restaurant is really very nice and you are here with your family and you do not worry about your expenses at all, here you get to eat good things at low prices  Will go

  Entrance to the Big Yellow Door

  If you enter inside it, there is a waiter who takes you to the seat and you are given water here first and then we are asked for our order, although it takes me a little while to bring the food here but which  I eat them in pasta, they like it very much yes love service is very good but if you order anything then you will have to give a little time here you will have to wait a little rest here everything is very  It is better if I tell you about it, then here is my best sandwich, which I eat very comfortably and there are many dishes here which you can order according to you, here you will be provided with the menu.

  Just in the last I will say that you go and enjoy here, go with your family, have a lot of fun and eat where you laugh and forget about the colors and mix with the songs that play here and eat a lot and enjoy and come.

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