TFS hotels with Eiffel Tower view Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower , Hotels with Eiffel Tower view

Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower , Hotels with Eiffel Tower view

Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower Hotels with Eiffel Tower view, Hotels with Eiffel Tower view

about paris

Paris is a place where a lot of tourism comes throughout the year and the income that comes here and the main source of income is tourism here.

  According to a figure, more than 17 million tourists had come here in the year 2018 and they had done a full tour of this city overnight and there are many such places to visit and they visited these places here and there.  Shopped here.  If you have to do overwriting here, then you will have to pay a lot here, but it will be very good for you.  Because the view of the lighting here and there is worth seeing, here it is decorated with lighting, many people come and entertain. Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower , Hotels with Eiffel Tower view.

  Paris places 

  By the way, there are many hotels here near the Eiffel Tower, about which we are going to tell you in a short time and you stay like this and keep reading this post of ours.  Here only schools include many places, the list of which we are going to tell you by writing:

1. Notre Dame [ It was founded in 2017 and attracts more than 12 million tourists every year and this is a huge number ]

2. Disneyland Campus [ This leg is its most famous place because most of the children come here to entertain themselves and it is considered the most famous in the whole world ]

3. Sacre Coor [This is also a very big place and every year more than 10 million people come here to visit]

4. Versailles Palace (more than 7 million people come here every year to roam and enjoy their favorite place)

5. Lower Museum (more than 6 million people come here every year to roam and enjoy, people come here with their families)

6. Eiffel Tower (As you will know by the name, here we are talking about the Eiffel Tower, which is considered very famous all over the world and people come here every year from around six million people)

7. Center Pompidou (where more than 3 million people come every year and where they do a lot of fun and the view here is very good and you can sleep in the keypad, how important is the tourist in it)

8. Musée d’Orsay (where 3 million people come every year and this place is also a very beautiful place in Paris and a very laid-back place)

  Most of the tourists who come to Paris come from the British, Americans are mostly Germans, they come from the fatherland, want China and Canadian tourists are found the most here.

  Notre Dame in Paris

  Located in the Notre Dame campus, which is a strange place, the salary of the employees here is very high and the number of employees here is few.

  There are employees who work in this hotel, they are engaged for the facilities of their husbands, such as food and drink, transportation, leisure, all these facilities are provided to them in the hotel and in 2014 the tourists who come here every year.  Come, he had spent more than 17 billion dollars here, he had spent only last to roam here which comes on the third level after London and New York, which is a very big deal. Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower , Hotels with Eiffel Tower view.

  Eiffel Tower in Paris 

  The Eiffel Tower is known and accepted as a universal symbol both in Paris and in France.  It was designed and built by mile Nugier and Maurice Koechlin, and it is proven that they together designed the Eiffel Tower.

  Let’s now add more about the Eiffel Tower, here in March 1850, the gullible Eiffel, who we also know mainly as a successful iron engineer.  It was here once that he presented a plan to the French Ministry of Commerce et d’Industrie, in which he organized a competition for students studying in many universities, and the winner was also allowed to stand on the Eiffel Tower in 1889.  And it was a kind of reward for him.

  The Eiffel Tower was the highest of so submissions; the Eiffel Tower was finally proposed in 1986 and before it was built, many things were taken care of in the tower that made it very special and very strong.  Huh.  And finally it was inaugurated on March 30, 1989, the Eiffel Tower and today at least 7 million people come here every year as tourists and many get employment here, the economy improves for many years.  Is.

And here there are many officers of employment because 7 million people every year is a very big thing in itself.

Kendra Georges Pompidou Edit 

  It was founded in 1977 by President Valéry Giscard d’Staying. Its date was 31 January 1977. It was opened by the Center Georges Pompidou.  The names of the former designers of Pompidou are Renzo Piano and Recharche Rogers, and Peter Rice who designed it and it has been the designer of Pompidou.  It is a good thing that it is located in Paris today and it is visited by millions of tourists every year.

  By the way, Center Georgette was officially open only after 31st 1977.  At least more than 150 million people come to Pompidou every year and this is a very large number, if so many people come here, then it is a matter of thinking that where many people would get employment.

Montorguel Holles 

Montorguel and Marais have Les Holles which has grown enormously and where it leads is located on campus in the Beaubourg area during the fourth arrondissement.  It was rebuilt on a much larger scale in 1997 in the space inside the Center Pompidou as it is very famous and the restoration is still a very famous original tubular design by Juno Door.  is being preserved even today. Cheapest hotel in Paris near Eiffel Tower , Hotels with Eiffel Tower view.

  By the way, the number of tourists to the buildings is very high in its interior renovation mainly and it has been made very capable to deal with it.  In this they have also performed many arts and it has been developed in a very good way, modern art has also been used in it. Its renovation has hosted the performing arts in a very good way and  It has been developed in such a way that there is a lot of potential inside it and there was also a museum of modern art which has been presented in front of the people.

  The Arc de Triomphe 

  As the name suggests, the Arc de Triomphe is considered to be one of the most famous monuments.  It is located on the Place Charles de Gaulle and is believed to be at its center, which is at the western end of the Champs Elysees.  There are so many small mehras in this that you should not get confused because here you can get confused.  Arc de Triomphe du Carousel, it is located to the west of the people.  The Arc de Triomphe This name pays respect to those who fought for France among the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Hindus and were killed.  Here how many Frenchmen are inscribed on their victories and journals’ names internally on external persecutions because they are respected so much.

Musée d’Orsay (Orsay Museum) Edit

  Musée d’Orsay 

  To the left of the Musée d’Orsay is a very large art museum which we originally built as a railway station in the late 1890s and is very famous in Paris.  If we talk about it, its design was made by Emile Bernard, which opened in 1986 and from 1848 to 19, its artifacts were presented in front of everyone, although there are many things to tell about it but today  We are going to tell you the verses of this ourselves, so come and be persistent on this small post of ours.

  After displaying its artworks, it was emphasized to the French that it should come here and increase its entertainment and increase its philosophies.

  There is a lot of this museum like this here Symbolism and Naturalism and After Impression and After Impression there is also a lot of focus on the Art Nouveau of Point Table School here.  There is a government ban of about 10 years here and it is the culmination of teamwork and here is the museum, here is the painting, here is the drawing, here is the sculpture, here is the sculpture and here is a lot of things like opera design and architecture and here you will find photography  And where you will also get to see metal works and you will get to see a lot of variety in the field of furniture here and some of the events in France in the middle have also been presented.  The two are made from ceramic-like fabrics

  Musée du Louvre (Louvre Museum) Edit

  Louvre Palace and Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Palace was originally built here by King Philip August as a medieval fortress here in 1190, which was gradually replaced by successive governments.  And it has undergone many changes after the French Revolution, it has hosted the Musée du Louvre, which is considered one of the largest museums in the Western world.  The 2 arts here are considered to be very popular and culturally, it was opened here on 20 August 1825 for the people and the public.

  By the way, there are many such things showing many main exhibitions here which attract tourists very much and here therefore many tourists keep coming here throughout the year.  9 overs exhibits a lot of art that is in a few pieces and this is Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa Vinas of Milo the Dog with Victory of Semothrus and here is Liberty Leading the People of the Drawing So by Michelangelo which is very  Too beautiful is too famous.


  Edit Notre-Dame de Paris

  Notre Dame de Paris

  Notre-Dame de It is the largest cathedral here, that is, it is the largest and largest cathedral in Paris, it was built in 1163 by the then appointed Bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully.  By the way, its construction campaign was divided into four parts because the well-known builder of that era was de Chelles, who was considered to be a very famous builder, before it was built at the beginning.  It took over 100 years. It was also built in honor of the Virgin Mary to become the Episcopal Church and the Baptistery here and is considered one of the main symbols of Paris.  The Deep is located in the le de la Cité and has had many historical events, including the wedding of King Henry IV and Marguerite D in 1594.

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