TFS best Chinese food for pregnancy Chinese food pregnancy , Best Chinese food for pregnancy

Chinese food pregnancy , Best Chinese food for pregnancy

ChChinese food pregnancy , Best Chinese food for pregnancy

In this article

• Reason why we should avoid Chinese food During pregnancy?

• Some Chinese foods are good for pregnancy guides.


I can understand this craving for junk food and Chinese. Because it’s very normal during pregnancy. During pregnancy, food has a big impact on both the health Mother and the baby too.

It’s very necessary to keep diet nutritious and healthy. Mother and baby have healthy bodies. We all know that Chinese food is not good for our health but maintain distance from eating Chinese foods in pregnancy.

You may be asked this question that Chinese people are eating this food on regular basis. But why we are concern about eating Chinese food. Because there is a difference between Chinese and Indo Chinese food. Chinese food we get in India is not the same as what people in China eat. In Chinese food, MSG is used in large quantities. It is very dangerous for babies. It also affects the babies height. Some are suffering from worthwhile due to overuse of MSG.


What is MSG?.

MSG stand for monosodium glutamate(Chinese salt). This is mixture or combination of sodium salt and amino acid glutamate. It is a flavoring agent. Chinese salt (Ajinomoto) enhance the taste. Chinese salt (Ajinomoto) may increase heart palpitations. There are chances of morning weakness and acidity due to sodium in Chinese salt. Chinese recipes content a large amount of sodium. If you are not taking any types of Chinese food but you have to care about the other sources of sodium. There is a high risk of acidity and also a bad effect on the babies life. Scientist found this thing in research that If we take Chinese salt first trimester can damage to brain nervous system of body. Chinese food is mainly made up of Maida and fried things so it is very hard to digest than other normal food. MSG also is present naturally in tomatoes. Potatoes, cheese, walnut mushroom. When neurotransmission takes place one sale to another sale to transfer the signal. It also secret glutamate. It is not poisonous material. It is occurring in our body and also present in vegetables and fruit. MSG is used in food industry for more than thousands of in general. A food taste instance in savoury .its known as 5th taste in the world.  

MSG   also added to:-

• Chinese food and junk food

• Canned soup

• Salty savoury snacks like chips or snack mixes

• Frozen meals

• Fast food

• Seasoning blends


Is MSG safe?


According to the FDA(Food and drug administration) of the United, the state has given classified MSG save as general consumption for humans. MSG or salt is a natural but large amount for access s can cause vomiting blood pressure hypertension etc. Then we conclude that ok we should take sodium in the right quantity. MSG is categorised as safe but researches studies haven’t said that Trigger negative responses full stop for that reason that has a note set an upper limit for MSG intake for the general population or pregnancy.

The food safety standard regulation of India(FSSAI). Which look after the food safety if MSG added in food order it is mandatory level must mention. It doesn’t matter MSG is naturally occurring or taking from outside artificially. It digests in the same way same manner. We can’t get any types of advantage from Chinese food

Because there is a lot of carbohydrate present and also after delivery its effect on mother weight gain.


We can eat Chinese food at home but we have to care about what we adding to Chinese food. This should not add chilli sauce, soya sauce or additive and flavoring agents like MSG. Let’s suppose you can add vegetables and fruit and some spices.



• Some Chinese foods are good for pregnancy guides.


Some Chinese food is very useful for pregnancy, they are different from these harmful Chinese dishes.

• Green  tea/ Chinese tea

In Chinese tea or green tea, there is a lot of amount antioxidant present in it. This tea can prove to be beneficial for your health and your baby’s too. Always try to check the caffeine content before taking it.


• Chinese Ginger

it’s plant herb and have many more medicinal value. We can take during pregnancy. It’s help in nausea.

• Congee

this is very popular rice. It is often used as breakfast in China and other Asian countries. It has a blank taste but it is full of nutrition. It’s best food to take in breakfast.


• Fresh tofu

fresh tofu is it kind of paneer that is made out of soya milk tofu contain a lot of protein and antioxidants that help in pregnancy.


• Coconut milk

it is a gift from mother nature that we can intake coconut milk. This milk contains potassium magnesium sugar and protein that can boast development to a great extent.


If you feel a craving for eating Chinese food the test way to fulfil your craving is by making Chinese food at home. And if you want to eat another kind of food consult your doctor. Noodles steam veggie and rice are best b during this period and fry Chinese food should be removed from your diet. We should take care of this baby health is important than your craving for Chinese delicious it is true or not?

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