TFS Cloud dining Bangalore, fly dining Bangalore menu Cloud dining Bangalore | Fly dining Bangalore menu | flydining-adventure dining experience

Cloud dining Bangalore | Fly dining Bangalore menu | flydining-adventure dining experience

Cloud dining Bangalore | Fly dining Bangalore menu | flydining-adventure dining experience

Today we are going to talk to you about flying dining which happens in the cloud, there it is an experience that we are having our own dining in the cloud, so now let’s read about some such dining that will help you. Will tell how it feels to dine in the air and how high they are and how much experience is good in them and how much fun and how much people enjoy them

 jumping in bangalore

 Today, due to jumping, we have been able to find such dining tables in Bangalore for you in which your experience is going to be very good and you are going to enjoy eating here a lot because where you eat no one sitting down. While you eat food while sitting in the sky, your eyes will be stunned by the way, having seen this sight, the view is very beautiful. And in this restaurant you will get all kinds of food and here you can enjoy well in this place and here you will not feel bored at all, it is a simple thing that here you have a lot of fun. is about to come. And these are the dining tables, they are located at least 50 feet above the ground, which is a different view from here and I tell the truth, if you have dinner in the air then you will have a different experience. Going to do

 what does it do what does it do

 Here you will get to eat very good and your favorite food and the girl who is the service which is given by the waiter is also going to be very good to you who brings food here, he jumps to Bangalore The food is brought from here and the food is served to you in the sky. Really, if you get a chance to come here, then you must come here because sitting above 50 feet and enjoying the dining table and eating with pleasure is a different experience, yes it can be a bit expensive but you must definitely try it once. Come on should come.

 In this table, you will get 22 seats to sit where you can enjoy a lot with your whole family, which you will miss a lot, and here you will get all kinds of food. Is. And you will find employees here to serve you food here and where do you serve food in a different way. Cloud dining Bangalore | Fly dining Bangalore menu | flydining-adventure dining experience.

 Indian food here

 And you know that here you will get a lot to eat, but where you will get more and more food you will get Indian food which you know how delicious Indian food is and it is wonderful and our people of India eat Do not lag behind in drinking anyway and our Indians love to eat and drink anyway. Yes, but if you are afraid to go here, if you are afraid of heights, then do not go here at all because it is not for you again, it can be harmful for you, yes the experience here is very great It happens but it does not happen that you get a different thing here, everything here is the same, nothing happens here, there is a little height at which we get to eat food at a height, although there are many things here. There are wonderful things that you are going to have a lot of fun seeing, so let’s move on now. Cloud dining Bangalore | Fly dining Bangalore menu | flydining-adventure dining experience.

 what does it work for

 Here you can organize your own party, here you can do your business lunch here, here you can use it like an up on ground restaurant.

 And anyway if here you can hold any kind of business concept or business meeting and now let me tell you how expensive it is and how much money you can give here if you have to say here according to the person. So here you get people up to ₹ 7000 and here you get some time because more people here wait to have dinner here which opens at 4:00 in the evening and this 11: These restaurants keep running till 00 o’clock and apart from this, there is no work at all here, work is done right here, you are not going to be late in the service here, so you must come here with your family and here Enjoy a lot.

 If you are also fond of altitude, even if you like high places, then this restaurant is made for you because you are going to enjoy a lot here and where you will get to see Cloud Nine, then there is something specially here. 

Will be prepared which looks like an airplane, that means simple doubt, then we have a dining table which is cloudnine, it is in the shape of an airplane and its window is on the outside and you see here the view is very It will be good and you will feel like sitting in the middle of the clouds and the things that happen here are very good which are comfortable. And when the cold cold air here touches you, then the enjoyment of eating food will increase even more. If you are here for the first time to dine here then you will be absolutely filled with excitement and waiting for you to eat here can be a bit read which will be very difficult for you because having dinner and eating in the air and Enjoying the cool air together is a different experience.


 In the last, I will just say that our engineers have made a lot of progress in our science and have made such a thing for human beings that man is amazed to see himself and I have given you the example above in which I Have told you that cloud dining table means how you can eat food in the air, you can sleep above 50 feet that here our science has progressed so much that humans have made so many good things for themselves because of these difficulties. has created many such strange wonders that help humans in many ways and give them a lot of comfort, so here you can come and here you can take advantage of eating with air because here you have a different Experience can be seen. So just in the last I say goodbye to you and by the way people come here from everywhere like they come from Hyderabad, come from Bangalore, New Delhi is with Kolkata to Mumbai, people come here from everywhere, enjoy here. The tableau decoration to be done, the atmosphere here is very good.

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