TFS France ki capital , capital of france France ki capital , capital of France , France population , History of agriculture in France

France ki capital , capital of France , France population , History of agriculture in France

France ki capital , capital of France , France population , History of agriculture in France

what is the capital of france

  Today we are going to read about the capital of France.  What is the capital of France, it must be happy in your mind.  First of all, we know that it is a very beautiful country than the one who laughs and it has also been an important member of the European Union.  And if we compare the area of ​​France once or if we do not do it, then it is the largest continent of Europe in terms of area.

  three seas of france

  France is surrounded by three seas, the official language of France is French and most of the people here use the French language. In their common language, most Christian people are found in France and their population is 64 percent in France.  After Christianity, most Muslim tribes are found here, where some tribes are found, which live very peacefully and France is a very beautiful, very attractive country and it is a very beautiful country in terms of area.    Apart from Christianity and Muslim religion here, people of Buddhism and Judaism also live here.

  Do you know about the capital of Paris?

  So let us know about the capital of France, we would like to tell you that the capital of France, which is Paris, is a very beautiful city where there is the Eiffel Tower which is very famous all over the world and it is in Paris.  That enhances the beauty of Paris, which is very beautiful to see.

  French is also called official intercontinental country brother it is century public which it is spread in many foreign and foreign regions in western Europe.  The entire area of ​​France and the metropolitan area from Rai to the Atlantic is spread in a very large amount.  Channel and from the English Channel to the North Sea and overseas territory from French Guiana and All Guiana to the Atlantic, Atlantic to Pacific and Pacific to Indian Ocean includes many people who are all this one.  are connected to another. France ki capital , capital of France , France population , History of agriculture in France.

  countries bordering France

  France has many such countries which are adjacent to it, such as Belgium became Luxembourg, Germany became Suzgarland, Monaco and Italy became dark in the south and Spain is bordered by the Netherlands and Surina and Brazil in America.  This is the border of France with all these countries in the northeast.

  Population and people of the country of France

  Its total area from the country of France is 643801 km square and more than 67 million people live here.  France is a very beautiful country and it is also 11 self-meaning presidential republic, whose capital is lovely and Paris is the largest country of France and it is a very beautiful country, here millions of tourists come every year.  And enjoy the Eiffel Tower.  Paris is the center of much of its cultural and commerce center and it’s urban areas include the Leo Machine Tool Board and the Lille Odhani.  France has its own territory in India which is more than any other country in the whole world and if according to me if you want to come to France then it would be best for you to come to France and have fun here because France  You will get tall buildings to see in and where you can enjoy your family in a very good way.

history of france

  Very many ancient traces can be seen in France.  The traces that are found are very old and it is believed to be more than 2 million years old, the place where many changes have taken place in the climate and all the changes have been done here by man as well.  .

  Where many Hindus have been selected who used to be a nomad in the beginning and lived this life like a hunter.  There are many and very old caves in France, which are believed to be more than at least 18000 BC and it is well preserved today.  At the end of the last glacial period in France, the climate here became very reminiscent of it, and by at least 8000 BC it had entered the Neolithic here in many parts of Western Europe and its inhabitants were motionless.  they were finished. France ki capital , capital of France , France population , History of agriculture in France.

agriculture in france

  Due to the large population in France, agriculture is also done very well here.  And it was here and there was a lot of population here between the third century and when agriculture was done here, many things like metal and science appeared here in the end.  Here gold was seen, it should be seen that iron was working here as well as here and there are many great transmission sites in the Neolithic period in France and where only many extraordinarily dense corner stones are found.  And this stone is at least 3300 years old.

  Antiquity 6th century and 5th century

  When the Battle of Alicia was going on in France, during this, I surrendered here at Versacetorisch because it also lost the war.  When water wars were taking place in France, then Gallic had secured victory over the Romans.  Focaya Ionian in France 600 years ago

  The colony of Masalia, which is established on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​the Greeks, was established here.  It is considered to be the oldest city in France.  There are many tribes that live in parts of eastern and northern France, and here many tribes gradually spread to the rest of the country only between the fifth and third centuries BC.  The area around France is the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees, and a selfie in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea corresponded to a lot of settlements, and here the borders of modern France roughly correspond to many ancient rounds and here  The Gauls live there.

  Gol is a very prosperous country and it is settled in the southern part, here Roman culture comes very arrogantly and the economic influence is very much here.

some ancient kingdoms of france

  One of the most ancient and best-preserved temples of the Roman Empire in France, which is now also considered a preserved relic.  This temple is very old and its name is Maison Cari Gallo-Roman.  This temple is very old and here the Sardar Brenes and the soldiers who are here are very powerful and through this the way to Italy has also been made here, here there are very big and good battlefields and  Where he also defeated Aaliya and he defeated them in the Roman battle.

 And these were besieged and then they were redeemed in Roman, then after that where the Gallic I attacked and then Rong which was so weak that he was rescued and here in 345 BC there were many in this area.  Troubled people had come here and here many formal peace and treaties were entered with Rome but today Romans and Gauls resist in remembering their century and the threat of Gauls here in Italy is very high.  had increased too much.

  war in france

  The Romans had captured the south of Gol 125 years ago, and when they went, they did it because they were too powerful.  And used to attack any country with all his might and used to win over it.  And then the Romans named this area Provincia and at that time a lot of people in French were developing under the name Provincia.  And then the remaining part of the goal was conquered by Julius Caesar and in 52100 Isapur, there was a rebellion here by Sardar Versigitorisch and that rebellion was won.  Then after all these things happened here, from 600 to 800, where many of the enslaved men were sold to at least one million men and more than 3 million men were killed in the war.

Augustus divided Gaul into Roman provinces

  Roman was divided into many provinces which was done by Auguste and many cities were founded here and during this time many very good lions were saved including Lugdum and where also the capital  Which is believed to be the Gauls and in this city many traditional Roman styles are also adopted and adopted.  Like a horror movie theater gone, a sliver became an amphitheater it was all the fish that were adopted and J1 was the traditional yes styles.  The Gauls, these tribes were again mixed together with the Romans and then they adopted the Sanskrit there and also adopted the language of the Romans.

  Crisis on the Romans of France 

There also came a time when there was a big crisis because there were some boundaries and on these occasions, people were attacked by many people here and this child is between 240 and 260s.  At that time the situation of Roman had become very serious because there were attacks going on and many people were dying, the situation there had become a bit of war.  Even after all this, the people there made many improvements there around the fourth century and for the Romans it was a period of prosperity of revival.

 And then at the time of this I, many people were persecuted, then they increased their empire very rapidly in the Romans, but in the first few days of the fourth century, it started being invaded by the forests and the Teutonic tribes.  Those who were being attacked very fast, but they had also resisted, yet they could not do anything and they were getting nailed day by day and they were dying and those who left there to take down their empire.  It was the right thing to do.

  Early Middle Ages (5th-10th centuries)

  Here in ancient times, the state of Germany was divided into Roman territory and then different types of tribes have started living here and this thing is very old, meaning it is very ancient thing.  Here the state of Seagris was known by this name and here the British Anglo-Saxon settlement of this name was settled here and the western people of America used to live here and they changed their name to Brittany.  and the culture here is very old and was revived This culture used to be independent states in this area which were quite small

king of france

  This is about the time when the leader Clovis, who declared himself as the king of France and started his rule here in 481 AD, and this administration lasted till 486 and the Roman governor who was here took its last army.  He was left behind and claimed that his friendship with Clovis was not so much that he would be baptized into a Christian.  While Clovis had waged a war here, he fought.  And achieve victory over what we know today as West Germany.

  fall of roman empire

  When the Roman Empire was about to collapse, after that instead of Arianabad, they converted it to Christianity and when Clovis was converted to Christianity in it.  And when the German who was the first winner, thus by and by France Popsy, his pick was discussed a lot and only the king who was the king in the night became the people of Christianity and the people of Christianity were considered the most Christian king of France  Gaya.  When Clovis converted his religion which was Catholicism and after converting to it he ruled over Frankish today and then he had made it his divine right, making the same authority over it.

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