TFS Gupta bhelpuri malad west Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number

Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number

Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number

Hello friends how are you guys I hope you are very good as always man again I have brought a new post for you in which I am going to tell you Gupta Bhelpuri Malad West I am going to give you full puri today. Stay with us in the post and enjoy this whole post because today it is going to be a lot of fun, so without any delay let’s start, before starting, I just want to make a little request to you that you should like this post more. Share to more people. And comment and as always we like I tell you to tell us on which topics you want to post so that we also get motivated and bring new posts from you everyday, thank you let’s read about the post.

 Gupta Bhelpuri Center

 Phone Number : 9967300467 First of all we have given you the phone number because if you want any query or any information then you can directly call on this number. This number is the receptionist there who will tell you completely the sister-in-law of the village, where which facilities will be provided to you and where you are going to have a lot of fun coming and there is a lot you can do from the line here. But before coming, let us read some fun facts here. Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number.


 Like I have already told you that his phone number, I have told you above, now the addresses come

 Shop No. 1 Excel House BG Road Malad West Mumbai – You can also search it on the map and give where it is located and to be honest it is a very good restaurant where you can come and eat many different types of dishes Will get you And the people here who have given rating to its food, its service to its food, its money, they have given it very well because if you come here then you will see a lot of ambitious people here. Meet those who work here. And you will take care of everything so that you do not face any kind of problem after coming here. This is what makes us so special. If you come there, then you get the service here so good that you cannot ask, the service here is very good and here you are provided with flowers in a very missed way and here you get the food. What you get is absolutely value for money, which means that whatever food is being given to you is absolutely value for money. The service here is very good, so that you will not be disappointed at all, you are going to enjoy a lot here Delicious food is made here.

 opening timing

 The good thing is that it is open 24 hours, that means it is open 24 hours for its customers, you will get to eat and drink here 24 hours or not, if you where today then two come at 3:00 for some work. Even then, you will get to eat good food here at 2:03 am, so do it here very well, the plus point is that any traveler here will not have any problem with any person leaving here. Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number.

 special food

 Here you will get to eat the most special food like you will get to eat street food here, there you will get different types of juices and you know that I am telling you about Bhelpuri. Send here you will also get poori to eat, so you can imagine how much variety you get here and here you will also get to eat water poori, which you will become very adorable after eating. And here you are really going to have a lot of fun where you can come comfortably to enjoy with your family and it can also be available in your city, if you search it up in google, then by the way I will give you I am telling you about Mumbai, where is it located in Mumbai, what is its address, I have already told you all.

 how to make payment

 As you know that there is so much online transfer and transaction in today’s time, keeping this in mind, we also take online transactions here but here we take more transfer because here we What Ashtabhuja Devi does online do not believe more than Radhe We believe that technology has become too much in today’s time. Gupta bhelpuri malad west | address | phone number.

when was it founded

 Just now we have come to the last step of this post in which we will tell you when this restaurant was established as you have read from beginning to end that how-to I have told you in that how you can pay from And how can you order food. I hope you must have enjoyed reading this very much, now we come to its sister thing that when it started it started in 2006. And from 2006 to 2021, the restaurant is still progressing a lot, its name is famous all over India.


 As I have told you everything in this, when it was established, how can you pay, which variety will you get to eat more in it, so without any delay, we issue the discussion of fire and just I will ask you I would like to say the same thing in the night that you must have enjoyed reading this post, so I hope you will comment more on our post and tell you how did you like this post of ours and we also eagerly wait for your comment And if you find any shortcomings in it, then in contact then you tell me, we will definitely improve on it and will take action on it as soon as possible. You are just a man, I will tell you that you share this post to as many people as possible and comment to more people and by the way, you are going to have a lot of fun coming here because these restaurants are very well serviced. Provides you and here you get to eat absolutely low value food, that means when you get to eat good food at the price.

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