TFS Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no

Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no

Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no

2510, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp Delhi – 110009

11:00 AM to 11:00 PM contact no – 092666 04953

Indus flavor gtb nagar

 Indus flavour gtb nagar Today we are going to share with you some things about this restaurant, this nationalism is located in gtb nagar.  This is a very beautiful restaurant and as its name suggests the flavor, you will get to eat many dishes here whose taste is very different.  We will give you complete information about it below, so let us now start reading about it.

 Indus flavor gtb nagar employee

  As soon as you enter this Indus Flavor GTB Nagar, then the staff here treats you very well and you are going to like the food here very much, we will talk about food later here first.  Let’s talk about the restaurant.  The co-workers who are here together bring food for you there and the atmosphere there is very beautiful and by the way, the food here is very tasty.

  But according to me because I also went here once.  Which I liked the most soya chaap and jahan ka paneer tikka.

  Friends, the mocktails of this place are very attractive, so friends, according to me, you must definitely go here and go here with your friends with your family and enjoy a lot.  And if you want to eat some food wherever you go, then this is the best place for you.  And by going here you can chat chatting with your friends.


 = Friends, as soon as you enter inside the Indus Flavor restaurant, the staff here to welcome you welcome you with popcorn and bring you some water to drink, which I also like their method very much.  Feels much better.  And the popcorns that are there are very good and are very tasty and crunchy.

 = And if you are done with your food and drink and you have thoroughly enjoyed here then finally here I am here to give you complimentary candyfloss, this is a very good experience for you because I went here for the first time so I too much  It was nice  Just at the end, I would say that wherever you go and have a lot of fun. Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no.

 = If you are fond of lassi, then absolutely you go here. The lassi here is very tasty, which is very good to drink and it is cold, despite being very cold, it is very tasty and that is why it is called  People like to drink a lot.  If you are a fan of Oreo Shake then you must visit here as this can be one of your best decision.  And I promise so much that you will not go in vain at all, go here and enjoy the food.

 Lassi and both are excellent

  If you are fond of Indus flavored restaurant then you should go here and I have already told that the Lassi here is very good and where you must drink Lassi because I have also had my experience here once.  I am telling from my own experience that you go here and enjoy here and go with your family and enjoy.

  Server is courteous and pleasant

  The people who give service here are very polite and they treat you very well, if you want to go here, then definitely go if you want, then my advice would be to go where you must once.  And also checked the service which is there tomorrow only, it is sitting where there is an atmosphere that is also where there is a very good and pleasant atmosphere.

 very reasonable price

  Here you will get food to eat at a price, if you have ₹ 500 in your pocket, then you can eat well here and enjoy the food here, then absolutely come here with your family here.  You can even eat the best food for ₹ 500 today.


  Now we are going to tell you some negative things here, we do not have any other purpose, but you also know that if there is a positive thing about something, then that negative thing is also for everything.  And I’m telling all this from my own experience

 = The food here is absolutely average means that the food here could not satisfy you, in terms of taste, if you want to eat very spicy food, then do not come here at all that the food here will get you absolutely average, so what  If you will not be satisfied at all, then I will not say that you do not come here, you come here absolutely, come with your family, but come here once and experience here.  And the beverage here is also a let down. 

= If you do the answer here, then here you will not get to see anything special, that where you do not expect much here that you are going to get something very good here, but yes it is fine if you get here  But just to pass your time or have a place with friends, then you can be seen here and here.

 = Sometimes you may get delayed here and all I would say is that you go there and see where you are and there is a discount to come here, see that everything has negative things too because  There is never one perfect of everything.  I am not doing any bad things, I am just telling you what my experience was here.

  A few more things about Indus Flavor

  Here you will get the food very late because I don’t know why their service is so slow here but the service here is very late  If the food is ordered, then after at least 1 hour the food or which is the biggest negative thing because of this, the customer becomes negative and does not feel like coming here again, so I will give them the same suggestion that here  But it should first fix its service and then other things and I did not like this thing at all when they took so much time to serve food. Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no.

  Indus Flavor Potency

  In Indus flavor only 50 people can come at a time but 50 people is also fine and you will get absolutely condition place as soon as you go inside here you will not have to wait long to sit here.  The dinner scene here is very delightful.  I would just say that you go here exactly as I have told negativity and positivity.

  My purpose for this was only to give you information about him and nothing else.  Indus Flavor It is very near to GTB Nagar metro station, so you should go here and if you do not find the way, then go to Google Map from you.

  What to go for in Indus Flavor

 = If you want to have a birthday party here

  So where you can explain to your friends and you are going to get a lot here at a low price, if I am telling you the same thing, if you want to go to a birthday party, then absolutely go here, you will not face any problem there.  You book here in advance 1 day in advance.

 = If where you have to do business party or party of your corporator, then you absolutely must go here, this place is absolutely right for doing business party.

 = Even if you want to have a birthday party here, you will not face any problem where you can have a birthday party comfortably.

 = If you have to party for your children here, then you can comfortably have a great and best party for your children here.

Indus Flavored Cuisine

  In this way, you will get to eat many dishes here, even when you are a non-vegetarian holiday here, you are going to get your favorite food story here, so where you are not at all in terms of food, you will not come today.

  Amenities at Indus Flavor

  If you go in Indus flavor then here you will get to listen to life music which is very sweet, so come here you will not get bored after going here, the music which tells here is very sweet.  He is very calm, due to which the mind remembers a lot and gets peace, so the music dhoti is more dear here.  The outer space here is also very nice and it is very beautiful to see. Indus flavour gtb nagar , menu of Indus flavour , contact no.

  Some Games in Indus Flavor

  Here in Indus flavor you will get to see the dance floor which everyone likes dance floor and everyone likes to dance, so you are going to get the very best dance here which is where you are with your friend.  You can have lots of fun.


  The atmosphere of the Indus flavor is very beautiful, if you go here from inside, then the interior atmosphere is very decorative and very attractive.  Here you will get to see many things, here you will get to see very good team event venues on the site and here you will get comfortable seating and here you will also get to see fancy lighting which is very much  It is attractive to look at and here you will also get to see the dance that is played and where the tune is played, which is played, it is very melodious. 

Here you will find a very spacious indoor seating area and it has been arranged very well.  In this restaurant 50 customers can come at once and can organize their own small gatherings here which is very good and I would say that you go here and stop and eat, have fun mummy papa go family members  Go


  food and service

  Here you have many series of food, you can have 1 together, you will come here and you will get to eat all kinds of food, if you want to eat vegetarian here, then here you have to  Vegetarian menu will be available and this vegetarian food is very tasty.  If you are fond of non-veg, then you will also get non-veg food here, which means that here you are provided all kinds of fresh ingredients so that there will be no shortage in your hospitality.  The food here is presented in this very manner and well.  The employees who are here, they do their work here with full enthusiasm and during the work they do not work with dirt at all, the work is done in a clean and hygienic manner.

  Indus Flavored Atmosphere

  Indus Flavor Mentors Here you will be treated in a hospitable manner. Popcorn will be brought to you first and drinks are also brought along with the popcorn and as soon as you go wherever you go you will have a very good experience because you  Weddings look very nice here and here you get a very nice place to sit and the interior design here is very beautiful which looks very nice to see I would say this  Wherever you must go with your family and enjoy here.  If you have to have parties here or you have to have a cocktail party here, if you want to do any kind of business party here, then this is absolutely the right place for you.

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