TFS Mini Switzerland Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland

Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland

Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland

Khajji Nag Temple

  Here today we are going to talk about Mini Switzerland, so before that let’s know about some of the best places out there, we are going to tell you about them, so let’s start the age about them.  Know that you go by the name above, Khajji Nag Temple.  Near the Khajjiar Lake is the Khajji Nag Temple, which was built in the 12th century, where it is believed to be the Lord of Nagaur and there is a serpent named Khaji to whom it is dedicated.  This temple is very old and here with a lot of architecture like Hindu Muslim Mughal, there is a gold plated water govind and where you will easily find intricate wood carvings and it is very spectacular to see.  Is.  Along with the idols of Goddess Hadimba like snakes and Lord Shiva, idols of Pandavas and Kauravas have also been installed in the temple, its civilization and it is very ancient.

  By the way, Khajji Nag Temple is very famous and pictures of many deities have been established here which establish a different status in view and it is a very ancient temple. Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland.

  Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

   Here you will get to see a lot of wildlife and here you should also visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, of course, here you will get to see many and different types of flora and fauna here and this is why.  It is known that in most of the Himalayas, here you will get to see Himalayan Black and here you will get to see lions, leopards, gorals and here you will get to see deer, there is a lot of hope to see bears and langurs, so here there is a lot of wildness.  The wildlife sanctuary is very good, here where you will get to see many small streams and here you will find life dense pine trees, there is a lot of Ganesh general and the view of nature here is very  Much better.  And if you love to enjoy nature very much then this is the right place for you.

  go trekking

  Now we are going to tell you how to go on cracking, a lot of energetic travelers should be needed here because there are huge deodar forests and Khajjiar’s dense forests are there.  Here the streams can be seen passing through the nature and where the trekking route is provided to you here, this route is easy and also the middle and the mountain is also the way you request it.  You can do tracking from here.  Where you get to see the scene as well as listen to you. Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland.

  Which attract the attention of the tourists here.

  Explore Khajjiar Villages

  Where there is a lot of lush green forests which are hidden in the mountains and if one says it is like a tunnel and these are untouched villages that means they are far away from the village.  Here Ladi and Rota are included which are discovered and found in the village of this and this Jahan.  Where there is after apple and where there are many snow-laden hills such as Mount Kailash and where this Kailash mountain is very famous for its state views.  The roads here are meant for strolling and living in a serene environment, the pristine nature can be enjoyed very well here  You will surely enjoy.  And here there is a very comfortable environment and here you will get to see the comfort of the house too and a sample of Himachal’s rent makes sure that the rent here is very nominal. Mini Switzerland , A guide to khajjar , India’s mini Switzerland.

  where to stay and eat

  You will get all the hotels in Khajjiar, here you will also find hotels and resorts according to your pocket, which make your coming here successful, here according to the budget of the travelers, they get the best hotels and miniscule and hotel country  Resorts are included in these and they are easily available for less money.  If you have come here in search of a grand Prabhas then it is very good for you here you can consider here at Deodar Manor and Hotel Royal Residence which is very good for you.  If you are a true Himachali then here you will welcome the guest with a lot of love and where the experience of every guest is very good, here there is Gautam Guest House and there is Puri Guest House and Anjali Home Stay Guest House which is  According to your every convenience informs all your facilities and provides you good facilities and 

you will get to eat very good dishes here and very tasty dishes here for you to eat  are provided.

  How to get there

  As you must have come to know from the name that how did you reach here i.e. Mini Switzerland, if there is any airport near you, then you can come here directly or you can come to the railway station by train from the railway station.  By catching you can come directly towards Mini Switzerland, then you will have to take a bus or taxi to come forward because if you come by train or airplane everywhere, then you cannot go everywhere and here an alternative means by bus or own car  Is.  If you come by your own private bus or car, then you can reach Dalhousie or Chamba and you can do the rest of the way to Capri, directly you will reach Mini Sugerland within hours.

Mini Switzerland in India in Hindi

  It is rightly said that if there is a paradise anywhere on earth, it is in Jammu and Kashmir or in Mini Switzerland because there are many beautiful hills, greenery and there are very good lakes here because where most of the tourists visit.  come.  One of the most beautiful places in the world is this mini Switzerland, which lies around Jammu and Kashmir.  There are many beautiful valleys here, the greenery spread here attracts a lot of people and where the districts and rivers are famous all over the world due to their beauty.  The beauty of this place will fascinate you, if you want to come here, then if you live in Delhi, then you will have to cover a distance of about 508 kilometers because Mini Switzerland is 508 kilometers away from the capital Delhi.

  The atmosphere here is captivating and mini sujarland is also called Khajjiar in India.

  Khajjiar is known for its beauty and the atmosphere here is very charming and it is discussed all over the world because it is very famous all over the world. It is considered one of the 160 mini sujarland famous days around the world.  Because it is so beautiful.  Khajjiar is very famous all over the world for its beauty and for its enchanting environment and every year many tourists come here from India and also from abroad.  This weapon is beautiful, on July 7, 1992, it was given the title of Mini Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh.

  It is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, Khajjiar, it is very good in terms of its beauty and it is not less than 2 countries of Europe, Jerland, the weather here is very pleasant, here there are huge trees of cedar.  There are tall trees whose beauty is made on sight, they are covered with a sheet of snow, which makes them look more beautiful, if you want peace of mind here and you are fond of seeing the best and very beautiful ones, then you are here.  But a warm welcome to Mini Switzerland.

 Khajjiar Lake Khajjiar Lake

  Mini Switzerland, which is located in India, is a tourist destination, where it is considered a very popular tourist destination.  The station is also known by the name of the very specially built Khajina Ka Mandir and Nag Dev is worshiped in this temple, but if you have to roam here for the hill station, then the tourists who come here are mainly  Want to enjoy the climate of Khajjiar because the climate here is very beautiful and gives you a lot of pleasure.

  Which is mini Switzerland, where the center of attraction of Khajjiar is mostly in the Khajjiar lake covered with pine pine trees because the deodar trees here are very attractive.  The tourists who come here spend many hours here and have a lot of fun here, the beauty of this place is absolutely amazing, if you also want to come here, then with my advice, I would say that you must come here.  Because here the Khajjiar river is given, which looks very beautiful to see, there are two island-like places in the middle, which thrills the tourist a lot.  Many types of sports are played in Mini Switzerland, but the special game here is that if you are fond of golf, then you must come here because all your hobbies will be fulfilled here.

 How to reach Khajjiar 

If you have to reach Khajjiar, then you have to go to Dalhousie or Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, there is a place located just half an hour away from you, that is Mini Switzerland of India and you will reach here.  If you want to go from Chandigarh to Khajjiar then you will have to cover a distance of 352 km.  Can only remember and from there you catch a bus or taxi so that you will reach Khajjiar directly to go to Mini Switzerland

  Friends, we know that you must have liked this knowledge of ours very much and it is our best effort that we keep telling you about many such places so that you can go on holiday with your family and about which we have today.  We have told you in this post of ours which is Mini Switzerland in India, it is the best right place for you to visit.  After that you will get a different kind of enjoyment and a different kind of experience which will be different, so just in the last I would like to say that you must go here with your family and enjoy where you enjoy the plaintiffs here.  There are many lakes here, there are pine trees, there is a very old civilization here, read about here and have a lot of fun here.

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