TFS North Indian food vs South Indian food North Indian food vs South Indian food

North Indian food vs South Indian food

North Indian food vs South Indian food

Today we are going to tell you about the two cuisine states of India, whose name is North and South India, in which we will tell you today how the dishes are made here and what kind of food people like to eat here, so let’s see this.  Our paragraph is going to start with a lot of remembrance, so they start without any delay, you and stay with us constantly, you are in this post.

  What will you find in North India

  Now we are talking here about North India, although many dishes are available to eat in North India because nowadays in our country, people are very fond of eating outside the country, so today we are talking only about India.  We are the first to talk about India and we are going to talk about North India in which we will tell you what people like to eat in North India.

 1. People in North India are very fond of eating bread and curry, they eat this dish with great pleasure.

 2. And at number two comes our name and bread and rotis and samosas, all these come on our second number, which people eat with a lot of taste, anyway, in North India people eat more jung food like chowmin ho  Gaya Burger Gaya Pizza Gaya and there are many other things that people eat with great taste.

 3. Here people like to eat spinach paneer curry and potatoes like cabbage curry and there are many things that people like to eat, in which people here like to eat mostly spicy things.

 4. Although spices are consumed a lot all over India along with vegetables, but in North India also people are very fond of spices, people do not like to eat food without spices.  And the people of North India like a little sourness in the food and here people like dry mango powder, which we call amchur, from one side they like it very much and people here have dry fenugreek leaves.  People also use them here to eat food.

  Hot materials are made in North India

  In North India, hot staples are drunk as tea and coffee. People find it very tempting after a meal. People like to have tea or coffee after a meal. In North India.

So come I hope you have understood everything that how I have told about North India, what kind of dishes are eaten in North India, how people eat those dishes and how people like on the day.  The day is changing after North India, now we start to tell about South India, what kind of dishes people like to eat in South India and why they eat such dishes because in our country there are many different tell  Which makes our country very different, through which all of us Indians feel very proud of ourselves that we are Indians.

  What to eat in South India

 1. One of the main places eaten or most of the dishes in South India, the main rice dal and most of the people here like to eat dosa which is made from a mixture of lentils and rice and where people boil it.  People like to eat lentils and people here eat cake which means rice cake also means there is a recipe here which is named rice cake, so people eat rice cake here.

 2. People here also like to drink tomato tamarind and lentil soup very much because I am telling you the things which are famous things here, although many things are eaten here like sambar here too.  It is eaten which is made of spicy pulses and vegetables and there are many dishes that you will get to eat and the dishes here are very tasty.

As I told you that in North India too many spices are used in food and drink, in the same way spices are used in South India for cooking dishes and where if you want sour ingredients, you can use sour ingredients.  In here you can get tamarind.  So as you know that I had told you earlier also about the sour substance that Ricky is found in North India, which included the agent which is very tasty.

  Beverages in South India

  If you are very fond of drinking beverages, then hot beverages are also found in South India, which we call a copy made of chicory, which is very good in taste, if you have come here, then definitely this copy  Drink and you can come all over South India with your family and enjoy here because South India is very beautiful read here you  will get to see many states of our country which is very beautiful and  Here you can enjoy a lot by coming with your family and what I told here, which dishes are available, you can also take those dishes with your family.

As you know that I was telling you about some food of South India, now you know how many types of those food are and what they are, then we will get to them by number voice today.

 1. First comes the Dosa Recipe with Homemade Butter, this is a very good and delicious dish, which you will surely like very much after eating it.

 2. Our next dish is Tomato Rice Recipe.

 3. We have placed the third number Ribbon Pakora Recipe, this recipe is big like a ribbon and its dumplings are made or fried in oil and it is very tasty to eat.

 4. We have placed Dal Vada recipe at number four which is considered to be a very tasty recipe in South Indian food.

 5. Now we are going to tell you on the number of Tomato Pappu Tomato Dal Recipe, its name is a bit strange and it is also a little funny name but it is very tasty to eat.

 6. We have brought Mushroom Biriyani for you at number six, which is very tasty, but now that the name of Biryani has come, then people’s mouth must have watered.  Absolutely yes because it is very tasty and flavourful, you must come here with your family and pick up Kallu and definitely eat this biryani.

 7. At number 7 we have brought for you Murukku , it is exactly like Jalebi, it is very tasty and you can eat it wherever you live in the country and it is included in South Indian food.

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