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Places to visit in West Bengal in monsoon , Places to visit in West Bengal during monsoon


Places to visit in West Bengal in monsoon , Places to visit in West Bengal during monsoon

West Bengal has a certain appeal that attracts visitors from both the east and the west. It’s a kaleidoscope of flavours , smells , and sounds. The monsoon season in West Bengal is a great time to break out your DSLR and go to exploring. The city changes dramatically during the monsoon. The rains give the city of joy a new depth , but for city dwellers , there would be nothing but rain – washed roadways , saturated city streets , and traffic. If you are in Kolkata during the monsoon , you might find joy in the new moments of peace you discover under the shelter of rain when the city slows down. These weekend locations near Kolkata should be on your itinerary as the monsoon approaches. With this list as a guide on organising your monsoon vacations near Kolkata. Here is a rundown of lovely West Bengal places that are regarded as exceptional monsoon destinations in West Bengal by many :

Mai than

 Maithan is known as the “ Kashmir of koylanchal “ because of its location in India’s  coal heartland , on the barakar river near Kolkata. It is a visual treat in the monsoons , because of its beauty , hills , and crystal blue water. The town is built around the maithan dam and reservoir , which is the damodar valley corporation’s largest dam in india. Chammack pahar or spoon island ( a patch of land shaped like an inverted spoon in the middle of the reservoir ) , kalyaneeshwari temple , and deer park are among the nearby attractions. Places to visit in West Bengal in monsoon , Places to visit in West Bengal during monsoon.


 Rabindranath Tagore , the Nobel laureate , established a school here , which is now known as visva bharathi vidyapeeth. The uttarayan complex , where Tagore lived and is now a museum and art gallery , is one of the most popular attractions. Santiniketan , as the name suggests , is a small university town near Kolkata. Apart from its literary significance , this town is a tranquil weekend getaway from Kolkata during the monsoon season.


The town is known for its therapeutic hot springs , which draw visitors who want to rejuvenate themselves in the hot waters. Some of the oldest attractions here include the mahishamardini temple and the bakreswar temple. Visitors can also gorge themselves on delectable Bengali cuisine at the small eateries and street food stalls. 



 Tajpur is a small town on the calm coast of the Bay of Bengal , just 170 kilometres from Kolkata. The virgin beach , considered West Bengal’s serene secret , is tucked away from view and remains untouched by commercial exploitation and tourism. Tajpur can be reached by train from Kolkata via kanthi P H or digha. Tajpur is also served by buses on a regular basis. 


Jhargram shines during the monsoon season , when its vegetation turns various different colours and flowers bloom in a ample supply. From Howrah station , one can take the train to jhargram or hire a taxi from Kolkata.



Mukutmanipur dam , in Mukutmanipur , a coastal town near Kolkata , is an appropriate monsoon getaway. Boat rides in the reservoir can be enjoyed. The dam is over 11 kilometres long and has a deer park near the end where visitors can see seasonal birds and spotted deer.

Diamond harbour  

River cruises and boat rides are popular activities here , making it a popular picnic spot for Kolkatans. Diamond harbour is a port town in West Bengal located on the Hooghly river’s banks. There are several old forts to explore as well as a 200 – year – old lighthouse to visit , making it an all – around fantastic weekend getaway from Kolkata during the monsoons.

Sonajhuri  Forest 

Visitors come here to disconnect from modern life and immerse themselves in a bucolic Bengali experience. In the monsoons , sonajhuri forest , a bit ahead of shantiniketan. It is another quirky weekend retreat near Kolkata is a densely forested area with meandering village roads and the kopai river running through it. 

Ajodhya hills 

 Ajodhya is a community on a plateau that makes for a great off the beaten path weekend getaway from Kolkata. A private vehicle or rented taxi is the best way to get to ajodhya from Kolkata. This little town is located on the summit of a wooded mountain with table land. Various small streams pass through the hill’s slopes , meeting subarnarekha on the west side and kangsabati and Kumari on the northern 


 Chandraketugarh , also known as the ancient kingdom of gangaridai , lies around 35 kilometres from Kolkata. Old forts , ruins , and temples dedicated to khana and mihir dot the landscape. The bidyadhari river is the best viewed from the bidyadhari bridge , which is located in Chandraketugarh. It is one of the best winter getaways near Kolkata , and it will ensure that you relax while marvelling at some historical landmarks and learning about our old history.

The sundarbans 

 Sundarbans is an area of beauty with meandering rivers and the forest , located approximately 85 kilometres and a couple of hours drive from Kolkata. As a result , it’s a great place to visit with friends and family during the winters and monsoons. You may have a relaxing stay on the houseboat while taking in the breathtaking scenery along the cruise. Sundarbans is surrounded by a slew of small islands and parks. Aside from the scenery , you can also enjoy the nicest accommodation and nutritious food for a   reasonable price. Sundarbans is the most popular winter and monsoon attraction near Kolkata , with many wildlife sanctuaries and watchtowers.



 Many magical shrines may be found in mayapur , a prominent vaishnavite location. It is around 120 kilometres from Kolkata and has nine sacred islands that resemble a petaled lotus flower configuration , hence the name ‘ navadwipa. ‘ Mayapur , host to many prominent temples such as chandrodya temple , yoga peeth , and shree chaitanayanath , is the best spot to visit near Kolkata this monsoon if you are devout.


 Barrackpore is a historical treasure trove. Old temples and cantonments , as well as museums like the Gandhi museum and parks like mangal pandey park , are among the many attractions in barrackpore. The vibrant ghats and the lovely walk through the historic remains of the cantonment will delight. You during the monsoon.


 Pakur is roughly 280 kilometres from Kolkata. It’s a garden of orchards and ponds nestled among the majestic Raj mahal hills. Under the legendary British raj , pakur was a battleground that saw carnage , resistance , and patriotism. Britain has had a strong influence on pakur’s architectural marvels. You may discover more about our stormy history by visiting the birkitti fort , devinagar ruins , and Martello towers with your friends and family. Pakur provides hiking , trekking , and rock climbing among the rock hills , making it a fantastic monsoon getaway for adventures and adrenaline seekers.

Mon chasha , paushi 

 Paushi is a small village in east midnapore that is about an hour’s drive from Kolkata. It’s difficult to resist the luminous greenery interrupted only by winding red earth roads , broad grasslands dotted with little ponds , and modest clay houses with thatched roofs. The location takes on the serpentine features of a vikrant shitole painting during the monsoon. It’s also where mon chasa , a responsible eco – tourism destination built completely of organic materials acquired locally , sits right on the river’s edge. The only time the saline waters of the badga river turn sweet is during the monsoon. Enjoy a traditional Bengali dinner served on bell metal plates , go for a walk in the rain , or relax in a hammock while reading your favourite book. Take a ride to the sarpai sarbamangala temple if the weather permits.


Khoai attracts tourists all year thanks to its distinctive raanga maati ( red earth ) , rugged landscape , and calm forests where bauls sing. The nearby shonajhuri forest bursts into a flurry of rain – soaked greens , a stunning contrast to the monsoon’s drab grey skies. If you must , drive down to viswa bharati for a tryst with the bard or visit the ballavpur wildlife sanctuary , which is known for its population of spotted deer. The khoai region of bolpur , golfied in Tagore’s poetry , has a strangely evocative quality.


Bishnupur , a picture postcard town with stunning terracotta temples and the capital of the malla monarchs between the 16 th and 19 th century , is another delightful the West Bengal monsoons. Temples such as jorebangla temple , kalachand temple , radha madhab temple , radha govinda temple , and others may be found here.


 Purulia is well known for its ancient monuments and temples. Purulia was formerly the centre of the 16 Mahajanpadas , or great kingdoms , and was surrounded by hills and waterfalls. The area is known for its captivating natural beauty , which is amplified during the monsoon season.


 It is one of West Bengal’s greatest monsoon locations. After the rain , the green colour of the leaves in tea gardens and forests will flush in a new and clean tone. The twisted roadways will appear as a carpet on top of a pink sheet consisting of peach petals and weeping willow blossoms. Takdah cantonment is a small town located 27 kilometres from Darjeeling.


 Gadiara river front is situated near the confluence of the rivers damodar , hooghly , and rupnarayan. Local tourists flock to this spot for a river cruise and legendary bengalee fish dishes. Garchumuk and geonkhali are two adjacent places worth seeing during your stay. The stunning over the great expanse of sea can be enjoyed during monsoon season.


Gangani lies in West Bengal , near the little village of garbeta. It is extraordinarily beautiful and resembles the Grand Canyon of Arizona , USA. When the river runs through the gorge during the monsoon , it’s difficult not to fall in love with the sight.



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