TFS Street food in Kerala Street food in Kerala | Street food kerala Thrissur

Street food in Kerala | Street food kerala Thrissur

Street food in Kerala | Street food kerala Thrissur

Hello friends how are you guys I hope you will be very nice as always. So today I have brought a new topic for you again in which I am going to tell you about some of the best food places about Bitter gourd which are very good and are very much liked by the people, so come without Let’s start slowly, just before starting, as usual, this is a small request to you that if you have come to our website, then after reading our content, you comment, share and also told us that we should And on which topic we should bring the best content for you and what changes should we make in it, so let’s move ahead without a moment. Street food in Kerala | Street food kerala Thrissur


 As you must have read above in the heading, Thiruvananthapuram is one of the most popular city in India and it is such a big city in India and those who are living in South India in a way we say, it is the end of India which means that here India ends and here you will also get to see the Arabian sea.


 this is the recipe i have told you this is very much lion recipe in bag and ji is very popular dish here and here it is sealed here regularly and if you come here in thiruvananthapuram So here you can stay in the hotel and you can eat this recipe in any hotel and it is such a popular dish that everyone here knows about it and it costs ₹ 700 to make it. Read which is a little more, it is very tasty and it attracts people very much. And in the meantime, you are also given a little juice here which is very tasty and in a way it acts like water because it also reduces the smell coming in your mouth and here But each piece of these parathas that are made is very tasty. And many types of spices are also added to it, which are very tasty and you are going to enjoy eating here.


 As you know from the name, you will find such a dish on your way to and on the road of bitter gourd, this dish is very famous and it is one of the very unique dishes. But here you get a limited time to sit because there is a lot of crowd here so you are given a limited time here and let me tell you more than 30 here you have to eat the very best Indian street food additives You will find which is very tasty, very tempting and the customer is here again and again, a very tasty dish is made here, which is also located in Bitter gourd. Street food in Kerala | Street food kerala Thrissur


 This dish is very spicy, it is very delicious and very tasty and it is very much and it is very much want to consider a special dish, if you have a passion for spicy discover then you can come here and sit comfortably in the restaurant. You can enjoy this thing and it is made very properly which comes in Indian street food dishes which you know that we are talking about bitter gourd then it is also located in Bitter gourd. And now we are talking about baby chicken fry here, the simple thing is that those who are small chicken babies here are fried, although it is not a good thing to eat chicken, it is not a good thing to eat a lie by killing animals. Whatever has happened, the dish is very different, heart is there and disco is very much liked in bitter gourd. If you want to eat baby chicken here, then here you will get entry in the evening and by the way, I have already told you that the chicken here is very famous and is eaten regularly and people like it very much. And a lot of spices are mixed in it and there is a gravy of juice, dipped in it and eat it by grinding it.


 If you are coming to Bitter gourd, as I told you there is a very attractive and very popular place in Thiruvananthapuram whose name means Jatayu and every year many people come here and many more. well take photos well and what i have written above kilimanoor this is very fast city which is getting master very fast and fast way and here is very nice place to see and this Where even today in a very traditional way, here you will get to eat the best diseases of India, which you will not get to eat anywhere because the recipes here are absolutely traditional which will remind you of your old India. You must come here and enjoy a lot of diseases. 


 You friends, at last we have come to our conclusion, so you must have read a lot of things in it and also seen very good pictures that there is some such place in our India which we can be very proud of. By the way, it is the biggest pride for us to live in India because India is the land of martyrs and brave soldiers and such exploits have happened in our India, about which the whole world knows today and even today the whole world is the example of our India. gives. You friends, today we have found in your post that some of the best food streets of Kerala which are very much liked by the people and people like them very much and also suggest others that you come here and eat food. Because Carol is a very good place to visit and every year lakhs of tourists come here to roam around, eat food and have fun with their friends also come here and kiss a lot of photos, mouth and good together They also eat good food which is absolutely traditional. You guys are right that you are, but let’s eat more, take photos and enjoy a lot with your family and whatever your experience has happened and if you are reading this post of ours, then also tell us what kind of experience you have Going on, we will definitely approve your comment, which will be your comment on the Internet in public and you will be able to read all of it, it must be a comment and I will just tell you this, will more and more people like this post of ours. yes please share thank you.

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