TFS Top ten beautiful cities in india Top ten beautiful cities in india , Most beautiful city in India 2021

Top ten beautiful cities in india , Most beautiful city in India 2021

Top ten beautiful cities in india , Most beautiful city in India 2021

1. Udaipur 

About Udaipur

 Udaipur is located in Rajasthan, which is a very big and very big place of tourism.  This place is very famous due to its history, culture and its attractions, it is also known as Venice of the East which is Udaipur itself.  In Udaipur, many castes reside here along with Dogi, Rajput and Bhil and Meena.

  Udaipur has had a lot of history since its inception and here there is a lot and a lot of history related to the dynasties and the history that enthralls everyone.  One thing goes here that in the year 1558, Maharana Udai Singh Sisodia and Rajput dynasty established their empire here, which lasted for a long time.

  beauty of udaipur

  There are many things in Udaipur and due to these districts it is also known as the city of lakes. Udaipur is home to many Sisodia dynasties and has also been the capital of Mewar ruled by them.  Rajasthan is a very beautiful place which is located in the country of India and where the most beautiful place is considered to be Udaipur, which is very attractive and tourists from abroad also come here in thousands every year.  Udaipur This city is very historical and it is seen from a very cultural point of view, it is a very beautiful state if you should go here according to me.

  History and Tourist Places of Udaipur

  Udaipur is the capital of Mewar, which was established in 1559 by Maharana Udai Singh and Udaipur Jhaga was also named after Udai Singh, but historians also keep different opinions regarding the date here.  Here, if we believe according to the Hindu calendar, then it is considered to be established here on the day of Akha Teej and some say that Udaipur was established on 15 April 1953, here everyone guesses differently.

  By the way, it is also believed that the Moti Mahal of Udaipur is found in the palace and it is said that the evidence of Udaipur is found in the Moti Mahal which is also considered as the first palace of Udaipur and now it is in ruins.  Absolutely transformed.

  Udaipur and Moti Nagar

  Maharana Udai Singh, who was the father of the second Maharana Pratap and also used to operate Mewar from the fort of Chittorgarh here, which was not Chittorgarh at that time, there was constant invasion of Mughals and that Chittorgarh was always surrounded by Mughals.  .  It was during this time that Maharana Pratap Udai Singh, the ruler of Mewar, Bhagwan Ekling ji, which is a very famous temple, had come to Kailashpuri to see it, to commemorate the birth of his son Amar Singh.  He had made many hunting camps here on the banks of the Aya river and he was very fond of hunting.  And on the strength of his mind, he had arranged a lot of security for the Mughal attack on Chittorgarh and he then made it his capital and then went away after churning there.

2. Mumbai 

How did Mumbai originate?

  Mumbai is believed to have originated from Mumba Devi and the name of Kuldevi of Kol tribe is also Mumba Devi.  And where there is this settlement means that the place where people live is called Mumbai and at the same time it is Mumbai and Mumbai together with the same name and two words from each other.

  Nimba or Amba is considered a form of Hindu goddess such as Durga whose name is Mumba Devi and Ai,,,, Aai means mother in Marathi and its earlier name was Mumbai or Mumbai people spoke.  And here its name also originated in the Sol century and here the Portuguese people came first and they used to call it by many names and here.

 The form of Mumbai was taken in writing and then it was called Mumbai here, this name is still in Portuguese use.

  And here in the 17th century, where the British people had established many rights.  And then after that it was separated and made it Bombay, but in Marathi it is also called Mumbai or Mumbai and in Hindi language it is called Mumbai.  And its name was officially made Mumbai in 1995 and since then till date it is called Mumbai.

  Mumbai and Portuguese 

By the way, the name of Mumbai was derived from the name aka Gali and it means good bay meaning good bay.  And where a lot of bombs based on this fact and the meaning of Portuguese is also the same and here’s a very proximate word of abuse on the British the problem is that Portuguese has the form of Good Way and here Boa Bahia because a lot  The more wrong word is Bom Bahia and this word is absolutely correct and it is also true that there are also words here for a small gulf of Portuguese in the Sol V century.

  Mumbai Metropolitan

  It is called metropolis because many actors have come here to make their career and they have made a different identity in this world and they have spread their name in front of the whole world and have brought their name in front of the whole world.  Although there is a lot to tell about the metropolis of Mumbai, many thousands and millions of tourists come here throughout the year and come here to meet new actors and actors, tourists from far and wide and there is a gathering of tourists.  Lives because there are actors here and there are big farmhouse bungalows of actors.

3. Jaipur 

About Jaipur

  Now we are going to talk to you about Jaipur, which is a very magnificent sculpture of architecture and here it has inherited a very famous capital of vibrant culture, which is Jaipur.  Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan which is very beautiful and its historical sites and its heritage sites are very thrilling and you are going to be very happy to know about it.  UNESCO tweeted in the afternoon on Saturday that Jaipur, located in Rajasthan in India, was selected as UNESCO’s most World Heritage Site.  This was done because Jaipur is very good.

  start of jaipur

  It was announced after the meeting of Arms in 47, and its date was between 30 June and 10 July and it is known as a UNESCO heritage.  And the name of Jaipur which has been included in the World Heritage List in this meeting is considered very special.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his happiness and expressed happiness over many such UNESCO has given sugar as a World Heritage Site.  Narendra Modi had also told about Jaipur by tweeting, shared information about many related facts about the culture and valor there and told the justification of the beautiful and energetic Jaipur to the whole world and people were very much attracted to it.  Were glad that UNESCO has identified this city as many World Heritage Sites.

  Many tourists come to Jaipur every year and enjoy the beauty of this place, although you come to visit the Hawaii Palace and it takes more than two-three hours to go from Delhi to there.

  There is a lot of fun there, people take photos of the beauty of the Hawaiian palace there.  And many princely states have lived here, such as the princely state of Tomar and the princely state of Rajputana, where there has been a great legacy and politics, in which they ruled here for a very long time.

4. Hyderabad

  About Hyderabad

  The Telugu film industry located in Hyderabad is famous on a very large scale and a lot of big movies are produced here and it is also believed that it is very beautiful at this time, the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi tradition, Mohammed  Quli Qutb Shah had gifted him as a gift to his errant girlfriend, her name was Bhagmati. Hyderabad is also called the city of many Nizams and the city of pearls.  Hyderabad is a very beautiful place where you can come to visit comfortably, if you are going from Delhi to Hyderabad, then it may take you at least 6 to 12 hours by train to go to Hyderabad and Hyderabad is a very beautiful place.  Here you will find many places to visit and you can come here with your family.

  History of Hyderabad

  One of the many most developed cities of India which is Hyderabad is becoming the center of technology and biotechnology here, many day by day campaigns of equipments are being run and the youth here are developing day 

by day.  

In the case of teacher being divided from Hussain Sagar Hyderabad which is connected to Sikanderpur is the city Hussain Sagar was built in front of Ibrahim during his reign and there are many man made lakes which are still there today and in view  Looks very beautiful.

  Hyderabad’s Charminar

  What is Hyderabad famous for because there is a Charminar in this area, at the end of the plague epidemic in this area, many memorabilia was built here by Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah in the center of the city because there was a huge epidemic at one time.  If it was then Charminar was built here in his memory, here it was told here by some ardent sultans of Golconda, it is very beautiful face, it is a beautiful city brimming with buildings here, it is here to eat lavishly and deliciously.  Those who are fond of people come here and eat their favorite food.  It is also known as a very prominent tourist destination on the map of India and its importance is considered very much. Here, in this city of Nizam Mohan, many Hindu and Muslim sects are happy to live with each other due to the martyrdom.  – Live happily.

  And it holds its own importance as a major tourist destination on the map of India.

5. Bangalore

  About Bangalore

  It is believed about Bangalore that it was founded in 1537 and today it was established during the Vijayanagara Empire and at present, where Bangalore has become very modern in Bangalore.  Where many tourists come every year and have fun here, stay in the hotel and enjoy coming here with their families.  When the Vijayanagara Empire was declining, after that the reins of power in Bangalore changed many times and where many people ruled.  The Marathas had two generals, Shahji Bhonsle, after some stay here, the Mughals ruled here and Vijay Nagar, where they established their empire in 1689, not the Mughals, and Aurangzeb in his Chikkaraja Vordyar Koi Cinescope.  It was given but here a lot of felt was accounted for as an item of the empire and even today it is part of the same and it is considered a part of it here.

  History of Bangalore

  The city had become a part of the Mysore society and after the death of Krishna Raja Wodeyar, Mysore’s general Hyder Ali established his rule here in 1759 and then after Hyder Ali’s son Tipu Sultan who was also known as Sher A.  People also know by the name of Mysore, he ruled here till 1799 and then after that the British authority had gone here, now the British had established their power here.

  remained under the British.  This city was under the ‘Madras Presidency’ during the British rule.  The capital of Mysore was changed from Mysore city to Bangalore in 1831.  After it was under the British, the entire empire was under the British and then the British Resident started ruling from Bangalore, later the Sahiba Wadeyar family of Mysore also ruled from Bangalore.

  Every year a lot of tourists come to Bangalore to roam around and have fun and come with their family, come with their children, there is a lot of enjoyment here, so even today, definitely come to Bangalore from Delhi and in Bangalore.  Enjoy the many hotels and cultural and historical heritage.

6. Kolkata

  About Kolkata

  Kolkata is a very beautiful state of India, here thousands of tourists come here throughout the year, someone who is the biggest is the one who is where Durga Puja is held, then lakhs of devotees come here and those who worship Durga.  it occurs.

  It is made on sight because here big tableaux are taken out for Durga Puja and people dance a lot and express their happiness.  About which we are going to tell you below.

  Kolkata Fort William is considered to be one of the largest parks in India near the Hooghly River as it is spread over an area of ​​more than 3 kilometers long and there is a very beautiful and very large one named Fort William in the west of the plains.  The park and Fort William are now very much used for the army in India. Top ten beautiful cities in india , Most beautiful city in India 2021.

And here if you want to enter, then first you have to take permission here and there is a small pond in Eden Gardens where there is a pagoda of Verma and it looks very beautiful to see and where the special thing of the garden is that  Attracts everyone and looks very or beautiful to look at.

  Some Important Museums of Kolkata

  Now we are going to talk about some memorial museums which are very spectacular, where there are at least more than 3000 objects, including the Queen’s piano and study tax here, which are very attractive to see and people.  Watch them and capture their picture in their camera.

7. Agra

  about Agra

  Let us clarify something about the history of the Delhi Sultanate before the rise of Agra, such as before the time of Sikandar Lodi, where Agra was called by the name of a very old settlement which became a mere settlement due to its destruction by Mahmud Ghaznabi.  Earlier it meant that Mahmud Ghaznabi used to be an emperor and because of that Agra used to be a village but today 21st century Persian poet Masu Salman had attacked Ghaznabi on many forts in Agra.  And then Jaipal surrendered and then Mahmud plundered the fort.

  few things about Agra

  By the way, Sikandar Lodi, who was the capital, changed it from Delhi to Agra.  And then there he built many forts there, built palaces and built a mosque himself, when after losing the first battle of Panipat, where it came under Mughal rule, then Sher Shah had administered his area on Puri.  .

  For many years, it was the suzerain of the Marathas in Agra, the capital of the Mughal Empire, and after which the British Raj had established its empire here.

  places to visit agra

  Every year lakhs of tourists come to Agra, roaming here, the Taj Mahal of Agra is the main attraction here because more tourists come here to see the Taj Mahal of Agra and it is made of thermocol, it was built by Shah Jahan for his Begum Mumtaz.  

8. Chennai

  About Chennai

 Chennai was earlier also called as Madras, where it is considered to be one of the most cultural and economic and educational centers of South India, located on the Coromandel of the Bay of Bengal, and Chennai is the state of Tamil Nadu in India.  It is also the capital where, according to the 2011 census, where some new boundaries were socialized and organized, Chennai is the fourth largest state in India and it also comes at number four in terms of population in our India country.  And Chennai is also a metropolitan area, which runs metro in some surrounding areas and according to the world, it is the 36th largest urban area.

  tourist arrivals in chennai

  Chennai receives a lot of tourists every year and is the place where they keep visiting and for 2015 it was ranked 43rd in the world, where people found their destination the most and liked it the most.  45% of the breads that come to Chennai, India, are absolutely healthy and 30 to 40% of the tourists who come here attract domestic health tourists.

9. Chandigarh

  About Chandigarh

  Chandigarh is considered to be one of the most beautiful state of our India, it is the capital of Punjab and Haryana.  And it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best cities of India and also a union territory.  Chandigarh got its name because there is a very famous and very ancient temple named Chandi.  And here there is a very big fort named Garh, which is very ancient, hence its name is known as Chandigarh.  Gone etc.

 capital complex

  There are many administrative buildings in Haryana and Punjab and there are very nice and beautiful buildings and there are government buildings such as the Legislative Assembly has become the High Court, has become the Secretariat, many such buildings can be seen here and where the complex is also very  It is known for its architecture, here you will get to see many great examples of architecture and the open hand monumental art here is a very good specimen.

10. Nainital

  About Nainital  

Nainital is a very beautiful city of our country, thousands of people come here every year and it falls in our North India.

  The weather here is very pleasant throughout the year and many people come here to enjoy with their families and here you get resorts to stay because there is a little hilly area and it looks very beautiful to see.  In.  In Nainital, you will get to see many districts which look very good and people come here to enjoy the native districts.

  Nainital in Uttarakhand

  Situated in the Uttarakhand state of India, Nainital is a very good city which is very important for tourist destination and is also the district headquarters here.  There is a Kumaon region here which enhances the specialty of Nainital.  Nainital is also called the Lake District of India.  Because where there are many mountains covered with snow and where there are many good things which look very beautiful to see.  If you are coming to Nainital then definitely you are with your family.

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