TFS Udaipur to mount abu road trip Udaipur to mount abu , Udaipur to Mount Abu road trip

Udaipur to mount abu , Udaipur to Mount Abu road trip


Udaipur to mount abu , Udaipur to Mount Abu road trip

Udaipur to mount abu

Bus or taxi services can be taken from Udaipur to reach Mount Abu.

  The nearest railway station is Abu Road at a distance of 28 kilometers which is connected to Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur.  Mount Abu is connected to all the roads of the country, due to which the way to reach Mount Abu becomes even easier, if you catch a bus from Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate, then you will get a direct bus from there to Mount Abu, in any way.  won’t hurt

information about mount abu

  Our Mount Abu is situated at an altitude of 1219 meters above the sea, which is a fake place in the uninhabited land in Rajasthan and along with Rajasthan, which has the honor of being the only hill station in West India, there goes to Mount Abu.  This Mount Abu is a world famous tourist destination, where millions of tourists come every year.  Aravalli is the highest peak of the mountain, on which there is a lot of vegetation and lush green trees and lush greenery which is made on sight.

It has a calm and soothing climate, covering the entire slope, including coniferous trees and clusters of flowers.  Mount Abu offers a great holiday escape and honeymoon attraction with its class-class tourist facilities, from hotels to budget class to three star and heritage.

Close the mount abu

In 1965, the decision was taken to close Mount Abu, while the entire area up to 328 km was declared protected by Abu Hill but still it was decided to close it but officially the Occupied Sanctuary Area of ​​112.98 km which is  As of 2003, it is narrow under it but it was spread on the top picturesque plateau which was more than 19 km long and left more than 5 to 8 km.  When the decision to close Mount Abu was taken in 1965, different types of announcements were made by Abu himself in the entire area up to 328 km . After visiting the house of Dhyana Rishi and Munis, the myth is that Mount Abu is the home of 33 crore gods and goddesses. According to the mythology, the name Abu means.

Mount Abu, son of the Himalayas

  The son of the Himalayas, which is also called the hill of knowledge, is named Arbuda because it was named Arbuda because it was a mighty Nath who told the bull Nandi of Lord Shiva.  Mount Abu is the home of sages and sages, it is known by this name because many sages do penance on the sage yes, it is also their home.

  Rishi Senior is also included in these sages, so Mount Abu is quite famous. Rishi Senior is believed to have saved this earth from the demons by sacrificing the Rajput family.


  In the old times, when the British were in the era, Mount Abu was given from the Maharaja of Sirohi to the British Emperor. Mount Abu was used by Rajputana as a hospital for soldiers, headquarters for 1947 residents.

  Mount Abu a beautiful place

  And Vilas is a place which is located in Rajasthan, which does not look like Mount Abu at all, it is completely different from Mount Abu.  The hill station of Mount Abu is different from the sarpil roads.

  When you go out on a trip to Mount Abu, the view here is a sight to behold because the view here makes you completely immersed in nature and the night time is absolutely blissful.

  The early morning of small towns here in summer is made on sight because the beginning of the morning here is very good.

  Here the demand for sun like sunset is in Mount Abu because questions arise inside people that how the sun rises and sunsets, it arouses curiosity in the people and here you will get to know the answer.

  Mount Abu hills

  Mount Abu is situated in the hills of Aravalli, whose beauty is presented in front of you in a very strange way.  Due to which it becomes very difficult to understand this thing, someone has carefully seen the mounds made of soil of the rate of Jaisalmer located in Rajasthan.  There are some rivers, some waterfalls and some lakes, which are also known as oasis.

  The hills of Mount Abu give a lot of relief from the heat, you know how much heat it gets in Rajasthan and people come to their shelter and get relief from the heat.

  Mount Abu British rule

  In olden times, Mount Abu was also known as Arbuda Parvat, here many kings and the British government have established their power, whose importance therefore increases greatly in history.  That is why it is always immortal in the pages of history.  Although its beauty has been demanded in many places, domestic people come here and people from foreigners also come here, the attraction of its popularity is the history here and many good things have been popularized about it, due to which people  People come here throughout the year to spend their time once more.


  Mount Abu is located in Rajasthan, which is one such station where more people come in summer, here there was a magnificent square in the 11th to 13th century and Dilwara Jain Temple is also located where there is a resort on small hills which is here.  Here people come to provide their peace and enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and here people are completely relaxed and enjoy their life.


  Mount abu , History of Mount abu

  The history of Mount Abu goes back several hundred years, according to which Mount Abu first got the name Mount Arbuda when the youngest son of the Himalayas helped a snake named Arbud which flooded the area to save Shiva’s revered bull.  Was

It has been learned from many facts that the history of Mount Abu is very old.  It was once ruled by the Chauhan dynasty and established its rule.  The British government also supported it because it knew that there is relief from dust and sunlight, so they supported it.  Arbudaranya was its name, which was spoken in ancient times.  It is said that Rishi Vrishta had some differences with Rishi Vishwamitra, due to which he had left Mount Abu.

   Geography of Mount Abu

Mount Abu is considered to be the highest peak of the Aravalli range which is located in western India of Rajasthan.  This mountain is in Sirohi district, this mountain is more than 9 kilometers wide and more than 22 kilometers long, which is situated on a plateau.  1722 is Guru Shikhar which is considered to be the highest peak of this mountain.

Mount Abu is located on the western border of Gujarat in Rajasthan which is about 185 km from Udaipur and 221 km from Ahmedabad and 264 km from Jodhpur.

  It is 500 kms from Jaipur and 765 kms from Delhi.

In this whole city, there is a happy and cheerful atmosphere throughout the year, whose beauty is made on seeing the temperature here in summer, it remains from 23 to 34 degrees.  And in winter, the temperature goes up to 11 to 28 degrees, in winters one has to wear summer clothes.

   Information on Tourist Attractions of Mount Abu

  Mount Abu is situated at an altitude of 1220 meters above the sea, which is situated amidst the lush green plains and surroundings of the Aravalli hills. Mount Abu, which is the only station in the desert state of Rajasthan, where the summer looks can be enjoyed comfortably  Because this area is very cold.

Information about Dilwara Jain Temples

  Mount Abu is very famous because the tourist attraction remains constant here.

  The Dilwara Temple in Mount Abu, which was established in the 11th and 13th centuries, is the sacred temple for JNU and is considered a masterpiece of temple architecture as it was built exclusively for the Jains.

  The mention of Vimal Badshahi Temple in this famous temple is considered very important because it took about 14 years to complete the temple, so it is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankara Adinath. Beautiful carvings have been done in white letters on this temple.  Looks like a beautiful center of attraction.

  There are 48 pillars on which some sculptures are made which display dance.


   Information about Nakki Lake

  There is a Nali Lake in Mount Abu which is very beautiful and more people come here for picnics because according to mythology, a Hindu deity made a lake with his nails here. Udaipur to mount abu , Udaipur to Mount Abu road trip.

  And then its name got the army lake.  There are very beautiful looking hills around the lake which present a different view and there is a very beautiful place for boat tour.


   Information about Guru Shikaro

  The highest peak of the Aravalli range, called Guru Shikhar, which is located about 15 km northeast of Mount Abu, is an important Hindu site.  This place is a very good way to reach Mount Abu.

  Some of Mount Abu’s must-see attractions include the Gomukh temple, which was named after the temple complex, which was named after a cow located in the Devi temple and the Raghunathji temple. Udaipur to mount abu , Udaipur to Mount Abu road trip.

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