TFS Unique places to visit in India , best places to visit in India Unique places in India | Best places to visit in India

Unique places in India | Best places to visit in India

Unique places in India | Best places to visit in India

Today I am going to tell you what everyone searches for on the Internet on YouTube and today I am going to tell you through my website that which is the most important famous place in India, where you will get a different experience. And you will like it very much by visiting here and you can definitely go for a walk here and with your family, so let us tell you without any delay that which is the place in India which is worth visiting which is nature So that everyone is surprised to see them and it is a wonderful sight in itself, just take some material that it is something, till the end we will prove that this is everything, this is everything. This is all, so before starting I want to tell you that India is a very old place where our gods and goddesses kings have ruled here and there have been big wars here and Even today, we get to hear and see his poems and his story through someone or the other and we are going to tell you about those places. Which is one of the most famous place in India

Wular Lake Jammu Kashmir Shrinking Lake

 Today we are going to tell you about a Buller Lake located in Jammu and Kashmir, which is the largest such lake in the world whose water is very sweet. And here every year water sports are organized which are for the local people and where tourists are there and this game is very much thrilled and there is a lot to play in this game. It is fun that’s why many tourists come here every year from home and abroad and experience this place very well and enjoy it well here. But one bad thing here is that there is a lot of pollution spreading here and the birds which are here like fish and all those who are water animals are hunted here, due to which this river is shrinking day by day. is going. And this lake is increasing day by day, due to which plans are being made to remove more than 2000000 trees here and where the magnificent view is, it is very beautiful to see, which you will be compelled to see. That you do not feel like going from here at all. But it seems very strange that trees are needed to be cut to save this river, this is true but it is also a bit strange.

 Rakhigarhi is the largest city of Haryana Indus Valley Civilization

 Today we are going to tell you about Rakhigarhi located in Haryana, which is considered to be the largest city of the Indus Valley. Which is located in a Hisar district of Haryana, this is a small village, which is the dream of the archaeologists who live here and explore the civilization here. And walking here in 1963, you people know that this is the largest city of the Indus Valley Civilization and this discovery was done by the archaeologists. And this place which is the Harappan civilization and the Mohenjodaro civilization is also the largest of the places found around it. And where the artifacts were, they were sold secretly and all the things that were done for its maintenance here were removed so that it made its condition worse. Unique places in India | Best places to visit in India.

 Ram Setu Tamil Nadu connects two countries together

 Ram Setu is a very ancient bridge which was built during the Ramayana period. This bridge is made of limestone and it connects Dhanushkodi in India and Mannar Deep in Sri Lanka This bridge was built during the Ramayana period because at that time Ramji was going to Sri Lanka. And this bridge can be seen even today and it is clearly visible even from space. And it is the legend that this Ram Setu Bridge was built by the Vanar Sena of Rama. But today the existence of this bridge is in danger because many events are being planned here by the Government of India, through which the view of this natural landscape is in danger.

 Sundarbans in West Bengal

. Sundarbans Delta which is considered to be one of the most famous and attractive places around the world and if you are very much fascinated by natural and wildlife then this place is perfect for you because Sundarbans Delta is also considered to be the largest delta in the world. 

here the world’s largest mangrove forest is also found and it is considered to be their home and it is also famous because Bengal tigers are found here. And this is the biggest specimen of nature because it is very beautiful and as you know there are dangers in every forest yes it is dangerous but it is very beautiful 1 here you get to see many fire creatures You will get it so that your attraction towards it will increase more. This is the Sundarban delta, it is located in a very low area, due to which there can be a lot of royal risk and it can cause destruction, but it prevents the increasing effect of global warming and also the reason for the continuous rise of sea level. But in reality this is a very beautiful area, which is why its name is written in the pages of history.

Phugtal Gompa Jammu Kashmir

 The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is such that the Phugtal Gompa, which is hidden in the caves of the hills there, is a very beautiful place. It remains very attractive and the center of attraction, which is the farthest place in Asia, which is Phugtal Gompa and it is located in the cave of the hill, it is not so easy to find it, for this separate paths have been made and here But every year many tourists and people from all over the country and abroad come. Here you will have to climb high mountains, the river which is here is very spectacular and where the views of the river and the mountain are very spectacular and the atmosphere here is very calm. And here you will not get to see any road to go home because there are many religious hill mountains here. And you will have to resort to trekking to get out of here because trekking is the only resort through which you can cross here and come here and can take the best very beautiful views. Unique places in India | Best places to visit in India.


 Just in the last we tell you that where you need to go to this place because it is very important to go to this place because by going here you get to know the history of our country, how the place used to be in ancient times and How should they be protected in the coming time because it has become very important for us to save them which is our ancient heritage that if it ends then in a way our name will also be erased because it is our identity which is We have all the things of the time of our kings, maharajao and deities. And you can also enjoy with your family by coming to these places and get the charmand experience here.

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