TFS Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe

Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe

Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe

types of pasta

  By the way, there are many types of pasta and today we are going to tell you about Italian pasta and how many types of Italian pasta are there, we are also going to tell you and tell their recipe, what they put in it and  How are they made, where do they eat and what kind of people like them.

  categories of pasta

  Well, there are many types of pasta.  Like, short pasta has become long pasta, sheet has become pasta, stuffed pasta has become pasta and dumplings become pasta.  What is long pasta is rolled by hand and then shredded as well as made in this way but they are not all types of short pasta, they have many shapes and sizes to make for them.  The extruder is used for making pasta.

  Long Pasta

  Now we are going to tell you about the long path which is quite thin and looks like a thin ribbon and this stand is in the shape of pasta which is cooked with creamy sauce in it.  And it looks very tasty to eat because it has a creamy sauce which is very good to eat and then it is cut into small pieces which are very beautiful to look at and eat.  So it is absolutely wonderful and water comes in the tongue.

  angel hair

  These pasta are very good to eat and take some time to cook them but this pasta is exactly the same length as angel hair pasta.  And the jeera itself is also thin, but it is made on light oil and it is cooked with its cream sauce, which is very tasty after cooking and it is also eaten in small pieces.

  This Italian pasta is eaten very much in a traditional way because it is not of today’s time, it would have been of that time before, the Chinese used to come here at this time.  And used to eat this with great sadness.  If you eat this pasta with shredded chicken and if you eat it with shrimp then it will be very protein booster for you which will be very good for your health eat it and try it and enjoy with your family.  Enjoy together.


  This pasta looks very much like traditional spaghetti, it is called very traditional because it is eaten for a long time and people like it very much.  It was very round and there is a small hole in the middle of them and they are noodles or hollow inside which looks very nice to see this noodle is very or tasty and after being made it  They become fat because of the water of the flower, which is very tasty to eat and very beautiful to look at.  And if we talk about it, it is eaten with soup and it is cooked in casserole.  And apart from this, it is eaten cooked with sauce.


  This pasta looks exactly like flat spaghetti noodle which is very or tasty to eat it is thicker and it is more dense noodle.  This pasta is very little today, which is easy to make.  And there is a lot of variety in it, which is sometimes its lengthy, there is some theft.  And this pasta is mostly cooked well and eaten with meat sauce. Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe.

  This is undoubtedly too much fettuccine because it contains too much.  This noodle is very thick and very creamy because it is made with cream and eaten with Alfredo sauce.  Which is very tasty to eat.


  Who does not like this pasta, whose name is Spaghetti This pasta is very tasty, which is thick like an angel’s hair, and its thickness becomes a little thin in the middle, it is as thin as an angel’s hair  No it is a bit thick.  But this bucatini which is a thin pasta makes it thinner. This meatball which is one of its additives is eaten with it and it is very reminiscent of delicious.  Do eat it with your family and definitely go to the restaurant around you and enjoy it.


 The long fettuccine is not wide enough. Pappaderelle Pasta This pasta is very or rich and it is very tasty and is liked by many people to eat.  And you can eat this pasta with mass and enjoy its great taste together.  For example, they are used Ragu and then Bolognese, both of them are used which are very tasty or tasty in which food.  But this Italian food is sea food which is very good.


Tagliatelle This recipe is very good and it is eaten in many parts of Italy.  People like him very much food.  This pasta is made by Italian cooks, which much like Asia has something very reminiscent of it, looks like spaghetti and it is of equal width.  This Italian pasta is very thick in bite and is eaten with meat sauce. Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe.


  These noodles which are Italian are quite thin.  This noodle is also called Asian noodle.  This pasta is made from semolina and later it is also called rice noodle and it is considered a very mild spaghetti dish because it is made with olive oil, tomato sauce is also added to it, which gives its taste.  It increases very much and tastes very tearful to eat and more people use it in the form of rye and fry and soup.

  short pasta

  The short pasta, which are very small and are cooked in different ways, are eaten with meat words and with thick sauce.  Their shape is very unique and they can be eaten with vegetables and their shape is very much mold and they are cut in the form of mold shape only, such right small pasta, it is very tasty to eat.  are there. Vegetarian Italian pasta recipes by Sanjeev kapoor , pasta recipe.


 You must have heard the name of Campanelle health very rarely because it is not eaten much and is not liked much by the people, its shape is like a little flower and it is a little reticulated, it is very much fun to eat and you can enjoy it.  Your family can eat.  It is so delicious that you will feel like eating it again and again and it is hollow inside which is its surface nor is it a little thick, which makes urad good to eat and it is very easy to hold  Is.  As you know, you can eat this pasta with macaroni and you can eat it with cheese.

 You must have heard very little of this pasta because it is eaten very little, it is a bell-shaped flower and it is a little frizzy, it is a lot of fun to eat.  It is very tasty and it is hollow, its thick and very good to eat and it is very easy to hold and as you know it can be eaten with macaroni and paneer.  By the way, we have told you about many Italian food such as pasta because our entire post was on pasta, so let’s read more now to know about some more pasta, what are their specialties, how are they  How are they eaten and what is the cost to make them, how are they made.


  Like its name, its taste is also very good and it is known for its taste, in this way it has small edges and it is eaten by cutting it into small pieces.  The pasta is quite loose in half and is also attached which makes it look so good that the food tastes delicious when lifted.  If you say this pasta, then it is completely like a noodle and we can eat it with a son.  This pasta is very good for health, we also call it Italian pasta and this pasta is very tasty to eat.

  Send its taste as it is pasta, it is very good pasta, its taste is very much better in eating it, it has small edges, they are eaten by cutting them small and also it is very loose and flexible.  When folded, it is exactly like a noodle and it can be eaten with sons.  This pasta is also known as Italian pasta in a way.  And yes the last thing is that the pasta it is made of, it is exactly like a tube, round and empty inside.


 Kavatappi, this pass is very good, it is very tasty to eat, this pasta is very hearty and by the way, how does this spiral mean snake and its shape is very good like  that it is like a spiral and we can eat it by twisting and whatever spices are trapped inside it are very or tasty and its shape is a little long and in some answers I can walk very easily.  Yes, it can be eaten with Macaroni and Paneer.


  In this way, which is an Italian pasta, it has a lot of molds and cracks inside which the spices dissolve easily and which gives a very good taste at meal time.  We can eat it with this and meat we have to take chutney which should be a good tasty.  And yes, we are going to tell you one more special thing about it in the last.  This pasta is often used in salads, which means that it is eaten with salad.


We eat it as a soup, this pasta is very tasty, we can also call it noodles because we use it like noodles while eating it, it is a little thin, so we call it noodles.  This Italian pasta is very good to look at and it is very tasty to eat.  The shape that it has is a bit unique and we can call it that it is kind of spiral shaped.  It looks like a small mini parking garage, which looks a bit beautiful, food is a very different thing to look at.  You must try it with your family because it is very good and your family will also be very happy and you can eat it in any fast food restaurant near you, then you can go there and eat it, it is very good food.  Which we can also call italian pasta.


 The corkscrew is this pasta in this shape and it is very nice to look at and you don’t even talk about the food because as every pasta is excellent in eating it is also very very very good in eating it.Spiral  A bit like this pasta is hard because it is fun to eat only when it is a little hard.  We have to add a little more spices in this because spices make it taste very good and we can eat it with creamy too.


  We can eat health with pulao rice, this is a very good dish.  Its taste is amazing.  If we are going on picnic with our family then we can use it for food.  If you want the recipe of all these, then you tell me in their comment, I will also bring the recipe of all these for you.

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